Fitness expert shares diet & exercise tips to look ‘just like Kate’

Despite having an extraordinarily busy royal schedule and three children under 10 to take care of, Kate, Princess of Wales still manages to stay slim and healthy. Gary Lockwood, CEO of 24/7 Fitness, spoke to about how the royal might maintain her fabulous physique through diet and exercise – and how regular women can do it at home.

The Princess of Wales looks slim, toned and radiant whether she is on the red carpet or on a walkabout with her family.

But according to a fitness expert, how does she maintain this physique through diet and exercise?

Gary shared that it is possible to get the Kate look without having the royal lifestyle.

He told “It’s hard to argue that Kate Middleton doesn’t look fabulous in her 40s, how does she do it?

“Ok, so if we take away the personal trainers, personal chefs, exclusive health clubs and all the other benefits of being part of the worlds most famous family, there are some tips we can learn to get the same result on a lower budget.”

Gary suggested that Kate might follow a low-carb, high-protein diet such as Keto or Dukan.

Consuming a lot of high-quality protein will keep the body fuller for longer and prevent people from reaching for sugary snacks throughout the day.

Gary explained: “Avoiding high-calorie, sugar-packed carbs will help with food cravings and lower your daily calorie intake.

“High protein will assist with muscle repair from those gruelling workouts and is also far more filling, making you full for longer.”

The expert also recommended a calorie deficit, meaning “you are using more calories than you consume on a daily basis”.

He explained: “Your body will be forced to use your fat stores to make up the difference. This will give you the lean, toned look just like Kate.”

However, diet isn’t everything and the expert suggested that the Princess is just as passionate about moving her body as she is about eating well.

“Diet is only half of the story though, exercise is equally as important if you want to look like a Princess.”

We know for a fact that Kate is sporty, whether she’s playing tennis with Emma Raducanu or rugby with the England team.

“Kate is thought to mix cardio exercises and resistance training to burn calories and build muscle.

“Hitting the weights area in the gym, classes such as BodyPump and CrossFit are great for tone combined with running, cycling or swimming to burn those extra calories.”

The expert suggested that yoga might be “another favourite of Kate’s as it burns calories and keeps your body supple and flexible”.

Meghan Markle is also known to practise yoga and Pilates. Harpers Bazaar reported that the Duchess once called Pilates Platinum “hands down the best thing you could do for your body”.

Gary concluded: “The royals are renowned for their work ethic and it is clear that Kate Middleton is no exception as she clearly puts a lot of hard work into looking so good.

“If you want to look the same you will need to apply the same dedication, discipline and strong mindset. If you can and you follow the tips in this article you can look great too.”

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