Five simple exercises for Penny Mordaunt ‘arms of steel’

Personal trainer’s tips on how to get Penny Mordaunt

King Charles’s Coronation was a lavish affair with the entire Royal Family under the world’s spotlight. However, it was Lord President of the Council Penny Mordaunt who stole the show with her incredible arm strength.

Personal trainer Mel Deane spoke on Lorraine about how people can get Penny’s enviable arms at home with a few simple exercises.

The Portsmouth North MP turned heads and stunned the nation with her incredible strength as she was responsible for bearing The Sword of Sate and presenting The Jewelled Sword of Offering to the King. It was the first time in history that this role was carried out by a woman.

Penny spoke to The Times’ Red Box Politics podcast ahead of the ceremony, and revealed that in order to successfully carry the Sword of State – the “heaviest sword” weighing in at 8lbs – she needed to build up her strength.

The politician shared the exercise regime that enabled her to carry out her role marvellously – plenty of press-ups.

In conversation with Christine Lampard, Personal Trainer Deane confirmed that Penny would have needed to have very strong posture, biceps and core.

And people can achieve the “strength of Penny” – as Christine described it – by practising just four simple exercises at home.

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They are very straightforward and can be modified depending on strength and skill level.

Fitness fiends after Penny’s arms will need a pair of dumbbells for the first two exercises.

Mel’s first move is the bicep curl. He told people at home to take a dumbbell in each hand, correct their posture so they are standing straight and curl the arms inward towards the body. Repeat 10-12 times.

Then, turn your thumbs in towards yourself and pull your elbows up to shoulder height, repeating 10-12 times.

To get a feel for how Penny held the sword, bring your dumbbells together and hold them close to the chest.

Ditch the dumbbells and get into the press-up position. Those unable to do a full press-up can place their knees on the ground to make the move a little easier. Bring your elbows back and down, then bring yourself back up to your starting position for a few reps.

Finally, to work on posture, lay down on the floor face-down with your arms outstretched in front of you. Bring your arms and bottom of the legs off the ground, then return to start, repeating for 10-12 reps.

Social media went crazy during the Coronation following Penny’s impressive sword-wielding feat.

@GazWeetman tweeted: “Penny Mordaunt must have arms of steel. 15 minutes and counting.”

@freeallie wanted to be in on the secret: “Need to know Penny Mordaunt’s arms exercises asap.”

@sallieg commented: “Massively impressed by Penny Mordaunt – she has arms of steel and looked amazing too!”

The Lord President of the Council commanded attention in a teal dress and Princess Beatrice-esque headband.

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