How to naturally get rid of a double chin in less than a minute

Whether you’re slim, a healthy size or bigger, a double chin is not attractive to anybody.

If you haven’t got the money or the downtime needed for cosmetic enhancements, how can you get rid of a flabby, double chin?

Dr Michael Rowe went onto TikTok to share the best technique to get rid of a double chin for free.

In the clip, which lasts for less than a minute, Dr Rowe said there is a “very easy exercise” that can help strengthen the muscles around the jaw and neck.

Using a tennis ball, Dr Rowe demonstrated the simple move needed to tone your muscles.

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What to do

  1. Place the tennis ball under your chin
  2. Press the chin into your chest as much as you can
  3. Hold comfortably for five seconds
  4. Relax and repeat 10 to 15 times.

With each repetition, you need to try to press down onto the tennis ball a little more.

While you are pressing the tennis ball into your chest with your neck, you will feel your neck muscles firing up.

Dr Rowe recommended doing this move two to three times daily to help get rid of a double chin.

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If you do experience soreness, Dr Rowe advised to add in some recovery time.

What causes a double chin?

Dr Javier Zelaya, based at Skinworks Dermatology, listed three possible causes of a double chin:

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Posture.

Dr Zelaya said: “When you see someone with extra fat under their chin but they appear otherwise healthy, chances are a family history contributed to their double chin.”

Ageing can also lead to a double chin as the skin’s collagen gets thinner and weaker.

Dr Zelaya explained: “Proteins in your skin are responsible for keeping your skin full, firm, and elastic.

“Your body produces less of these proteins over time, causing your skin to sag, including the skin under your jaw.”

Then there’s bad posture that could be contributing to the development of a double chin.

With people looking down a lot at their phones, it’s no wonder more people are developing double chins.

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