‘I hated how I looked’: Woman drops 12 stone with ‘small change’ to diet – ‘surprising’

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Fran, 33, is a firefighter from Dorset whose life completely changed when she made the decision to lose weight.

Fran shared with Express.co.uk the reason why she decided to start her weight loss journey.

She said: “I got so tired of everything being so hard. I hated how I looked and I knew that I would soon be diabetic.

“Once the weight started coming off I was introduced to the idea of becoming a firefighter and that gave me all the motivation to keep going,” she explained.

The dieter said she managed to lose weight by changing her “relationship with food, controlling calories and exercising”.

But how did she manage to maintain it?

“I changed my lifestyle for healthy habits and fell in love with fitness.”

Fran admitted her life has drastically changed and said she now feels “fabulous” every day.

“Because my body can do all the things that I wished it could and more, for the first time in my life I am strong, fast and healthy,” she explained.

Fran shared her top tips for those trying to lose weight.

She recommended to “make one small change, then make another”.

“One small change can literally change your life: swap your sugar for sweetener, switch full-fat drinks to diet, walk a bit further every day, make fitness fun,” she said.

Fran added: “You will be surprised at how quickly all the small changes add up to big results.”

Fran’s diet before

Breakfast: “I would usually skip breakfast. If on the rare occasion I did [have breakfast] then it was something like pop tarts,” she admitted.

Lunch: Sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar, a bottle of Coke

Dinner: Pizza, pasta bake loaded with cheese, cake or pudding

Snacks: Share size bars of chocolate, cheese on toast, crisps, sweets

Fran’s diet after:

Breakfast: Fruit and fibre cereal with fresh fruit and low-fat yoghurt, coffee

Lunch: Fresh fruit

Dinner: Homemade, low fat, low-calorie meals packed full of veggies

Snacks: Fruit, bio-synergy protein shakes

Exercise routine:

Morning: 30 mins HIIT cardio

Afternoon: Eight to 10km run

Evening: Gym mixture of weights and cardio

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