‘I made little changes’ Woman loses four stone

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Angela completely transformed her life when she decided to lose weight. Not only is she now a healthier size 12 to 14, from a size 22, but she is also unafraid to do whatever she wants to do with her day. Before her weight loss, Angela said she couldn’t even leave the house.

Angela, a healthcare worker, had struggled with her weight for most of her adult life. As the middle sister of three girls, she always felt like she was “the fat one”.

She was insecure and hated seeing photos of herself. After attempting everything from dieting groups to fad diets, Angela decided to approach the Bodyline Clinic, who helped her with a personalised programme tailored to her lifestyle and medical history.

Once Angela started to follow the programme, picking up healthy new habits along the way, she quickly saw the weight dropping off.

The 52-year-old’s healthy habits and lifestyle changes included drinking more water and eating healthier.

She said: “I started drinking water. That’s one thing I never did before, but the nurses really helped and encouraged me to make these little changes. Now I don’t go a day without drinking three litres of water.

“I used to dive straight into a packet of biscuits when I got in, but now I’m eating fruit instead,” Angela added.

As for exercise, the healthcare worker said: “I was too insecure to walk out of the door, let alone go to the gym.

“But now I’m a different person. I recently walked up Snowdon and also completed The Three Peaks Challenge in Yorkshire in September. That’s 24 miles in 12 hours – something I never ever thought I would be able to do.”

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Angela’s mental health, as well as her physical health, has also greatly improved since starting her weight loss journey.

Her new fitness regime has helped her to build her confidence. “I used to wear black all the time in an effort to look slimmer – black tops, black trousers, black dresses, black everything,” she explained.

“Now, my entire wardrobe has completely changed and I actually enjoy choosing clothes.

“I went shopping with my sisters to a local boutique in the town centre where nothing would have fit my body before. I ended up buying myself a playsuit – something I’ve always wanted to wear but had been too big for. Now I wear it all the time.”

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The Bodyline Clinic is a tailored medical weight loss programme which fits around the slimmer’s lifestyle, allowing them to lose weight effectively and quickly and without being unsustainable or a chore.

According to the company, Angela “felt at ease and comfortable at the initial appointment”.

With each patient, the nurses weigh them, complete body measurements, check their blood pressure, and work out a tailored diet and exercise plan to fit with their lifestyle in order to help them reach their goals safely.

Bodyline’s CEO Sally-Ann Turner said: “People come to Bodyline because they have tried everything, they’re often at their wit’s end and desperate to make positive changes.

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“They stay with us, not just because our programmes do work quickly and safely, but because they feel supported and part of a community. Bodyline cares.

“Our clients feel that they can be themselves without judgement. It’s our company ethos that helps us time and again to support people to lose weight, even where they have failed before.”

There are many similar weight loss programmes like Bodyline that slimmers can follow. Some of the most popular ones are Weight Watchers, Noom, and Better UK.

Dr Michael Mosley also has a weight loss programme that many Britons have raved about in the past. The founder of the The Fast 800, the nutrition expert’s diet plan incorporates intermittent fasting with a healthy, balanced Mediterranean diet.

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