‘It’s not the butter’: James Martin stays slim whilst enjoying high-fat treats

James Martin credited his healthy weight to several factors, including diet, upping his water intake and cutting out fizzy drinks, while still eating his favourite high-fat, decadent foods.

James Martin is a lover of butter, calling it a “glorious, versatile ingredient”.

The cover of his book, Butter, even shows the chef holding a block of the stuff in his hands and gazing lovingly at it.

Butter is a high-fat food, and contains about 102 calories in each tablespoon.

However, the celebrity chef does not banish it, emphatically stating that when it comes to weight gain – “it’s not the butter in the butter block or the butter you put on your toast”.

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Rather than cutting out certain foods entirely, James is all about making healthy food choices most of the time.

“It’s everything in balance and moderation.

“We have this obsession in the UK, this up and down with weight, while the rest of Europe and the whole world eats butter.”

He continued: “They consume more of it than us and they don’t have the issues that we do.


“At the end of the day, it’s a natural ingredient, not manufactured.”

What many countries in Europe have adopted is a Mediterranean diet, which is widely thought to be the healthiest diet in the world.

It is not so much a diet but a way of life where slimmers enjoy fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, fish and seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy, herbs and spices and healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil, olives and superfood avocado.

As for butter alternative margarine, James Martin urged dieters to steer clear.

“It contains up to 30 ingredients, half of which you won’t even know what they are.

“Even doctors are saying that their advice in the 70s to eat margarine was wrong.”

All about natural ingredients, James Martin doesn’t want to eat something “when I don’t know what it is”.

For the same reason, James avoids takeaways and advocates for cooking your own meals at home – that way dieters can keep track of calories, fats, added sugars and artificial preservatives.

Like James Martin, chef Tom Kerridge is another chef who lost a whopping amount of weight – 12 stone – and says he would “bathe” in butter if he could.

According to James, his own impressive weight loss was down to upping his water intake and cutting out fizzy drinks.

“The way I lost weight is by cutting down soft drinks. I drink a lot of water, two litres every day.

“It’s crazy when you give up soft drinks how much more your brain feels alive, it’s very weird,” he told Hello!

He also steered clear of processed foods such as takeaways.

However, he added a caveat: “I will never lecture others and say, eat this, try this and do that. I’ve never been one of those people that stands with a placard and shouts and screams. People have a choice.”

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