Jane McDonald: Singer’s 4st weight loss after cutting 1 food type from diet – ‘fantastic’

Jane McDonald reminisces about shopping with her mum

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Jane McDonald is currently hosting a variety of TV shows, including Jane McDonald: My Yorkshire and Holidaying with Jane McDonald: The Caribbean. Fans of the singer will have noticed her weight loss journey over the years. How has she managed to maintain her slim frame after losing weight?

Jane McDonald began her career as a cruise ship performer, rocketing to fame when she first appeared on BBC One’s docusoap The Cruise.

Over the years, the singer gained a few pounds and realised she wasn’t happy with her body.

Therefore, in 2015, she embarked on a huge weight loss journey and lost four stone.

She dropped to a size eight and has managed to sustain her figure since.

Jane lost a considerable amount of weight by cutting foods from her diet and getting rid of one food type altogether.

The TV host credited her time on ITV’s Sugar Free Farm for her weight loss.

She and other famous figures took part in an educational bootcamp which saw sugar eradicated from their diet in a bid to improve their health and wellbeing.

Within only the first few weeks, Jane lost around 9lbs, or more than half a stone.

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Despite eating differently to before, Jane said she “didn’t feel hungry”.

She explained: “It’s because of a change in my mindset.

“I used to live to eat, but now I eat to live.”

Jane stuck to a sugar free diet after completing the show and, as a result, lost a huge four stone.

The singer continued: “I’ve been like this for a year.

“I went on Sugar Free Farm for ITV, and I didn’t think I was overweight when I went in there, but I changed my diet.

“I just feel so much better. I’ve got so much more energy.

“I look different and I feel fantastic, and that’s just by cutting out sugar from my diet.”

However, Jane is wary of going on cruise ships, as that’s when her weight can creep up.

Speaking in 2019, she said: “That is the first cruise I’ve put about eight pounds on. I ate my own body weight on that cruise.”

She added that she usually tries to “cut down” when on board a ship, saying: “If I have a breakfast, I don’t have a lunch. If I have a lunch, I don’t eat breakfast.

“I don’t eat everything that I could eat on a cruise.

“I eat a lot of salads when I’m at home. But when I’m away, I’m away.

“I don’t want to be on a diet on a cruise because I want people to see what they can have.”

Jane added: “If I’m going, ‘Oh no, I can’t have that’, then what’s the point of going on a cruise? So, I have a taste of everything, no matter what it is, just so that people can see everything about it.”

The TV presenter has been able to maintain her slim frame by cutting out “white carbs, like white flour or white pasta”, and she doesn’t “eat crisps”.

Jane chooses to “start the day with a green smoothie every other morning”.

She told PA: “I blend up a mixture of raw greens, flax seeds, chia seeds, spinach, kale, mint and a banana. It really is lovely.”

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