Katie McGlynn weight loss: TV star lost a stone after Corrie exit – what she eats

Corrie's Katie McGlynn shows off stunning hair transformation

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Former Coronation Street star, Katie McGlynn, has stunned fans over the past couple of years with her incredible slimmer figure. She continues to show off her weight loss transformation on Instagram and revealed her secrets behind her new diet and fitness routines.

When Katie bid farewell to the cobbles in 2019 after her character Sinead Tinker sadly passed away from cancer, the actress started smashing fitness sessions to get into shape.

She began a 12-week programme at the Ultimate Performance Gym in Manchester, which saw her tone up and slim down considerably.

When it came to an end, the star revealed her plans to stick to a regular workout schedule and new diet, and it seems all her hard work is paying off.

“I’ve trained hard, I’ve been lifting weights, and eating the right food. I’m more confident than I’ve ever been and I have much more energy,” she beamed of her progress.

But it wasn’t plain sailing as she admitted it was “hard work” in the gym.

“I was there three times a week with a personal trainer, but it was simple to follow the diet.

“There were no shakes, or packets of this or that, just good fats, like salmon, eggs and nut butter. I don’t eat red meat, and I’ve been having oats at night because they help me sleep.

“After my programme is finished, I won’t stop. I’m going to carry on with it, because I have a taste for fitness now.”

It comes after she revealed she’d put on a significant amount of weight throughout the heart-wrenching storyline.

Viewers were moved to tears during one of the ITV soap’s most devastating episodes that saw Sinead lose her battle with cancer.

After seven years on the soap, Katie was incredibly invested in the distressing narrative and her weight began to go up because of the time-consuming scenes.

She admitted gorging on snacks between takes and soon realised she was buying clothes two sizes bigger than usual.

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“It was such a sad story to be taking part in,” she told Closer. “I was crying in nearly every scene, and quite often I’d eat cake to cheer me up.

“I was snacking on biscuits in the green room, or eating flapjacks made by the crew when I was exhausted.”

Katie admitted she was “eating so much sugar” in between scenes, and was having a lot of diet fizzy drinks.

“I was usually between a size eight to 10 when ordering clothes, but I was creeping up to a size 12, which isn’t bad at all – but it was bigger than I usually am,” she said.

“I wasn’t fuelling myself properly and I’d put on over a stone.”

Giving all her attention to her incredible last portrayal of Sinead, she wasn’t thinking about her nutrition, explaining: “The emotion involved in Sinead dying meant I was just grabbing food and not really thinking about good nutrition.”

The TV star admitted that as her on-screen alter-ego’s storyline progressed, she was still “mourning” her and couldn’t find the time to cook healthy meals.

“I was so tired when I got home that I’d order a takeaway,” she told The Sunday Mirror.

“On set there were a lot of chocolates, flap jacks and treats flying around.”

Since then, Katie has lost a noticeable amount of weight and she’s feeling “more confident than ever” after starting her fitness journey.

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