Lorraine Kelly weight loss: ITV star on how she dropped 2 dress sizes without a diet plan

When it comes to slimming, many people mistakenly think that the only way to get trim is to go on a rigid diet plan. Of course, it works for some people – and having set meals to eat can help some to stay on track and keep motivated. However, it’s not the only way. In fact, exercising more and slightly switching up the amount of food that you eat may help – as this will likely create a calorie deficit.

I don’t think diets work

Lorraine Kelly

That’s what Lorraine Kelly, 59, found, after she decided to lose some weight.

While she didn’t measure her progress by weight, she has since revealed that she did drop from a woman’s dress size 14 to a dress size 10.

Lorraine previously spoke about her slimming on This Morning, and shed some light on how she had been monitoring the amount that she ate – so as not to overindulge.

“I don’t think diets work,” she said. “It’s all about portion control.”

Explaining that her spouse Steve Smith sometimes cooks far too much food for them to eat, she added: “My husband cooks for me and sometimes I ask, ‘How many people are coming round?’.”

As well as ensuring she only ate a recommended daily allowance of food, Lorraine revealed she had also ensured she didn’t fill up on snacks between mealtimes.

“Portion control and not snacking so much are important, as well as being sensible,” she added.

Lorraine also keeps fit by going to aerobic dance classes.

The ITV star regularly documents these on Instagram, posting captures of herself with the leader of the sessions, Maxine Jones, of Maxicise TV.

A personal trainer has recently revealed what the “cornerstone” of weight loss and fat loss is.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Aroosha Nekonam, personal trainer at Ultimate Performance, explained that it’s important to create a calorie deficit through proper nutrition and exercise.

This can mean weight training, with the fitness expert advising slimmers to do between two and three times each week.

As part of the work out, she suggested doing big compound movements.

She highlighted deadlifts, squats, and lunges as moves to do, as well as shoulder presses.

But that’s not to say that resistance movements are the only things to focus on.

A cardiovascular work out also comes recommended.

Aroosha said: “Cardio is not going to change your body composition the way resistance training does, but it is a great tool for expelling more energy and also for cardiovascular health.”

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