Lose ‘a pound a day’ and ‘end cravings’ with doctor’s trick for menopause weight gain

The Natural Beauty Show discuss menopause

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During the menopause, women over the age of 40 will usually notice more fat gathering in their midsection, which can pose other health risks as it surrounded their vital organs. Many may have found meal plans just don’t work for them had have given up hope, but a doctor has offered up a new solution with her own mini menopause diets.

Dr Anna Cabeca, author of MenuPause, revealed her menopause fix, which includes more than 125 delicious recipes, dieting for six days and feasting for one.

Women can then move to the next plan or repeat their favourite option again.

But they must ensure they always eat three meals a day, and cut out sugar, alcohol, and processed carbs.

She said: “Menopause is natural, but symptoms and weight gain are optional.”

Her six-day carnivore plan pauses all food groups apart from food that comes from animals, such as meat, fish and eggs.

She suggested women try hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, chilli for lunch and fish for dinner.

“This plan is an effective way to smash past a weight-loss plateau,” she explained.

“Protein can help you spot-reduce your tummy, so expect to lose a pound a day or more.”

Functional medicine expert Dr Amy Myers, recommended that women opt for anti-aging protein.

“Collagen turns your body into a fat-burning machine, even when you’re at rest,” she said.

If weight gain or other menopausal symptoms are becoming too much, Dr Cabeca also constructed a liquid detox plan that’s built around juices, broth, caffeine-free teas, and smoothies made with leafy green veggies, low-sugar fruit, and nuts.

“In one smoothie you can sip a combination of nutrients that reduce cortisol, normalise insulin, regulate oestrogen levels, improve mood and increase metabolism,” she said.

All solid foods are cut out, but women should sill add fats.

Dr Cabeca recommended starting the day with two tablespoons of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.

“It gives the body nutrients that end cravings,” she said.

“At first, women think, ‘I’m not doing that,’ but soon they look forward to it. And the weight loss results are insane.”

She also suggested consuming digestive enzymes after meals as they “speed nutrient absorption” which then signals “fullness” more quickly.

If the plans work, Dr Cabeca advised adding carbs back into the diet by introducing healthy non-keto meals.

But if the weight begins to creep back on, women should return to the mini plans.

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