Man ditched this drink to lose over three stone and belly fat – what diet did he follow?

The keto diet plan has helped this man with an amazing weight loss of over three stone.

Reddit user “Mexipinio1” revealed his journey on the low carb plan.

Posting his before and after weight loss pictures on the public forum, he spoke about what he ate.

The man lost 45lbs or 3.21429 stone eating keto, following intermittent fasting and stopping drinking alcohol.

Keto diet plan: Low carb weight loss diet plan – Reddit man’s pictures before and after ditching alcohol

He said: “So in Oct 2018 I decided to to quit drinking.

“I was addicted to alcohol and it was getting the best of me. Lab results in September suggested I should change my lifestyle.

“In November I decided to change my diet and focus on my health. I started the keto diet with the help of Dr. Bergs YouTube videos.”

What is the keto diet? 

The popular diet is a high fat diet, and followers can eat lots of meat and cheese on the diet, making it understandably popular.

On the diet carbs are limited to 20 to 50 grams per day.

Fifty grams of carbs a day equates to three slices of bread.

However, this is the very upper limit of the amount of carbs that are allowed on the diet.

The man continued: “The weight started to drop. In December I started walking and light jogging.

“My health became my new addiction. By mid April I was close to my goal weight of 155, I hit 157. In April is when I introduced Intermittent fasting to drop the last few lbs.”

Soon the man ramped up his exercise regimen. He added: “In May I started weight training and in June I started Crossfit. I am currently at 165lbs, I have put on 8lbs of muscle since my lowest weight. I never imagined I could get this healthy.

“I was on blood pressure medication for 23 years and my cholesterol was in the 500 range. I am happy to say my doctor took me off the meds a few months back.

“Also, I just got approved for life insurance due to my good health. If I can do it you can too. I haaaatteed the thought of diet and exercise. The 12th of this month will be 10 months of sobriety for me.”

Another man lost an amazing seven stone on the keto diet. 

The 44-year-old – who goes by the screen name “Scottintx” – revealed he’d managed to slim down from 21st 7lbs to a much healthier 14st 6lb for his 6ft 2in frame.

He revealed that he’d managed to lose the weight on the low-carb keto diet, writing alongside before and after images: “Long time lurker, inspired by everyone who has posted here, keto has worked for me.”

A predecessor to the famous Atkins diet, the keto diet is a high-fat, low-carb plan, which limits carbohydrates to 20-50 grams per day.

It has been credited by many for helping to achieve a slimmer figure and there’s some evidence to show that it may also be beneficial for Alzheimers diseases, certain cancers and other diseases, too.

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