Man loses two stone & gets abs for 40th birthday by cutting out THIS food – what is it?

Slimmers can choose from a series of diet plans when it comes to losing weight. Some may opt for a more structured diet like the low-carb keto diet, which recently saw one woman shed five stone. Others may choose to cut particular items out of their diet – similar to Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid who went teetotal. Adrian Falk, author of Believe – Start Living The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of – cut out various food items from his diet, and managed to lose an incredible two stone just in time for his 40th birthday.

Weight loss: Man loses two stone & gets abs for his 40th birthday by cutting out THIS food

What did he eat?

The 40-year-old writer revealed he’d been able to slim down by cutting out sugar and bread from his diet.

Speaking to, he explained: “I previously thought I ate quite healthy, but I guess I was in denial as I never knew better. I never lost any weight and as I was getting older, my metabolism was slowing down, making it harder.

“Just by cutting out sugar and bread (and other starchy foods) you can lose a lot of weight and start having a lot more energy.”

While Adrian found cutting sugar accounted for most of his weight loss, he said he had to do it gradually to avoid falling off the wagon.

He continued: “Don’t try and cut out sugar in one go otherwise you will fail, as the cravings will be too much. Over a week or two, start off by reducing it slowly and then once you have cut it out of what you eat, try not to return back to having it as the cravings will kick in again and it will be a viscious cycle!”

Before his diet, Adrian binged on big bowls of cereal for breakfast, toasted sandwiches for lunch, big portions of spaghetti for dinner, followed by cake and ice cream for dessert.

Now, he eats a healthier variety of egg white omelettes with leafy green vegetables for breakfast, salads topped with apple cider vinegar – which has been proven to aid weight loss – for lunch, followed by high protein dinners, also another good weight loss food, and protein pancakes for dessert.

As well as changing his diet, Adrian embarked on a new fitness regime.

However, he insists that his new diet made up for most of his weight loss, saying: “Abs are made in the kitchen.”

He said: “You don’t need to do any gruelling exercise. You can never outtrain a bad diet! A lot of people think hitting the gym for a few hours then having a pizza will be ok, but this is a recipe for disaster. Rather focus on cutting out sugar and bread and starchy foods than gruelling exercise.

“Exercise is great to get a boost for endorphins but you don’t need to go overboard – start off with a walk and then build up from there.

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