Man reveals how he used keto diet plan to lose 3.5 stone – what did he eat?

The keto diet is a low carb high protein diet plan that has helped many with their weight loss.

Reddit forums are full of stories from dieters who have achieved amazing transformations on the plan.

One such man shared his story on the social media sharing platform recently.

He posted before and after images looking shockingly different.

Keto diet plan: Weight loss low carb method used by this man to lose 3.5 stone

He is significantly slimmer after starting the plan, having lost a lot weight, especially belly fat from his mid section.

In his before image he wore a green shirt shirt and back shorts.

He weighed 19.4 stone before embarking on the diet.

In the after picture he wears a slim fitted navy jacket and jeans, and he looks slimmer and more confident.

The Reddit user now weighs 15.8 stone – a loss of 3.5 stone.

The man wrote: “I’m one week away from my 4 month mark of doing Keto and Intermittent Fasting.

“It’s been a learning experience. This week I joined a new gym and hoping to get healthier.”

So what does he eat in a day? The man revealed that keeping his carbohydrate intake down was the key.

He wrote: “I stick to staying under 40g of carbs for my day. When I first started I was cooking keto recipes, but now I’ve figured out what to order at restaurants to stay keto.”

What is the keto diet?

The keto diet is a plan that limits carbs and encourages eating more fat. This puts the body into a state of ketosis, meaning that it burns fat as its primary fuel, not carbs.

The plan has proved very effective in aiding rapid weight loss.

But this wasn’t the only diet plan he followed. He also claimed to use intermitted fasting, so what is this?

Intermittent fasting 

Nutritionist Hebe Mills, founder of Hebe Mills Nutrition, is an associate nutritionist.

She told “Intermittent fasting is a concept where participants alternate between eating and fasting and eating in specific time periods.

“It doesn’t restrict what you’re eating, it just dictates a time period when you are able to eat.”

Gordon Ramsey’s weight loss has been impressive over the past few years. 

Surprisingly, the chef – who is dad to Megan, 21, Jack, 19, Holly, 19, Matilda, 17,and four-month-old Oscar – revealed he’d managed to slim down by eating more meals.

Speaking to the Today Show, he said: “I’m very good now at eating five times a day, but small amounts as opposed to big breakfast, big lunch and big dinner.”

“There’s nothing worse than eating dinner at 5.30 and then having to get up and cook for three hours.”

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