Michelle Keegan abs: Actress’ surprising diet secret she swears by – ‘copious amounts’

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan tour their new home

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There’s no doubt that Michelle Keegan is many people’s “fitspo”, with her 5.5 million followers gushing over her incredible body and fashion sense on Instagram. And good news for anyone wanting to adopt some of the actress’ ways of life, after she dropped her secret to her enviable abs – copious amounts of cheese.

The former Coronation Street actress shared her love for the savoury snack on social media.

Posting a snap of a cheese-laden shop with her followers, Michelle captioned it: “If heaven had a shop.”

Over the years, the actress has shared glimpses into her favourite meals she makes at home.

She previously told Women’s Health: “I do like my eggs in the morning.

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“If I was trying to be good, I’d have rye bread, avocado and scrambled egg whites.”

And on the occasion she’s feeling naughty, she opts for: “The same but with cheese on top,” she giggled.

“Melted cheese!”

But even though her incredible body appears to come easy, she revealed she enjoys keeping a balanced diet.

Occasionally, the TV star opts for coconut milk or almond milk as a dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk for health reasons.

And when she does have a cheat meal, she never punishes herself for indulging.

“I never feel guilty when I eat cheat food,” she said.

“If I’ve been quite strict all week, I feel like I deserve it.

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“I’m a proper foodie, I love my food.”

When it comes to her workouts, she revealed in the past that she likes to focus on resistance training that targets the back, lower body and core before indulging in a protein-rich breakfast.

And when she’s not in the gym, she’s out on her bike – a hobby she and husband Mark Wright picked up during lockdown.

“I’ve taken up cycling on a proper road bike,” Michelle told Cosmopolitan UK.

“We go out three times a week and do 11 miles!

“It’s been nice because we’ve both been working from home.

“Normally we could be out all day or I have to go to Manchester [to film Brassic] or Mark is in London.”

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