Neil Jones diet plan revealed: Strictly pro divides fans over extreme four day fast

Neil Jones, the ex of fellow dancer Katya Jones, shared his extreme diet plan on Instagram.

He told his followers that he fasted for four days, drinking only water in that time.

The post got over 5,000, although it seemed not everyone was a convert to the diet plan.

While Neil disabled comments on the the post he seemed to address some haters in his post.

Neil Jones diet plan: Strictly Come Dancing Instagram reveals his body secrets

He wrote: “I can’t believe I managed 4 DAYS of fasting, that’s 96 hrs with no food and only drinking water.”

Neil claimed not eating for such a lengthy period of time had a host of benefits, although medical experts might disagree.

“I’ve been asked soooo many times why am I doing this and it’s mainly for the health benefits such as insulin resistance, growth of cancer cells, heart disease and arthritis and cleaning my body but also will power.

“Just incase anyone is confused I am not promoting fasting I am just informing people of my experiences and why I did it but also fasting is not for under 18s, anyone with a ED, pregnant, diabetes or with any heart issues and again if you planning to fast seek medical advice first.”

Neil added: “I can honestly say it was not easy and I have been preparing for about 3 weeks by cutting down my meal intake and type of foods.

“If you are considering a fast please get medical advice because it can be dangerous and every body is completely different.”

So what did the Strictly pro eat when he finished the extreme diet.

He said: “Now my fast has ended I am feeling very hungry but u can’t just eat what ever you want.

“I started with a miso soup and every few hours I will eat something which is liquid base because that way I won’t upset my stomach.

“In all honesty I feel fantastic and my skin is glowing and it was a great experience for my mind and body.”

Neil Jones and Katya Jones, his estranged wife, recently revealed their plan to divorce. 

The couple were together for 11 years, but have decided to go their separate ways.

Their marriage was rocked when Katya was photographed kissing her Strictly Come Dancing partner last year. 

The coupe’s statement regarding their split stated the pair will “always love each other, just in a different way as friends”.

Katya Jones revealed her weight loss secrets too, ahead of Strictly Come Dancing 2019. 

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