Pippa Middleton: Kate Middleton’s sister used simple fitness plan to get fit for St Barts

Kate Middleton, 37, the Duchess of Cambridge, has a younger sister called Pippa Middleton, 36. Pippa first rose to fame at her sister’s wedding to Prince William, where she caused a media frenzy with her incredible physique and toned behind. Recently, Pippa’s physique has caught the media attention again, as she showed off her beach body in a number of bikinis on holiday in St Barts. How did she get into such great shape?


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Pippa Middleton enjoyed a winter break in the Caribbean with her husband, James Matthews, 44, their one-year-old-son, Arthur, her brother, James Middleton, 32, and his fiancee Alize Thevenet, 30.

They stayed in the same beach resort occupied by Carole, 64, and Michael Middleton, 70 – Kate, Pippa, and James’ parents.

During their holiday, Pippa showed off her incredible physique on several occasions during their St Bart’s getaway.

While holidaying in the Caribbean with her family Pippa was spotted beachside in tiny bikinis, her toned arms and defined abs on display.

Pippa Middleton fitness

Pippa has a regular column with Waitrose magazine and previously shared her 10-week tone up plan with the publication.

She credited the use of the simple fitness plan to get in shape, and it is very likely the mother-of-one has turned to the plan once more for help.

This plan is following on from the “Exercising during pregnancy” workout segments she previously collaborated with Waitrose on.

Penning a fitness journal for Waitrose, Pippa noted that “fitness and health have always been of core importance to me” she revealed in her 10-week Tone Up With Pippa Middeleton article.


She shared with readers a number of exercises she uses to get fit, including the plank, tricep dips, kneeling push-ups and band curls.

Pippa also focuses on definition and strength work, using elasticated gym bands for at-home workouts.

From deadlifts and seated rows to one-arm pulldowns and the reverse fly, Pippa incorporates a variety of exercises.

As well as a variety of body workouts, she previously revealed that walking is also a great yet simple way to get into shape.


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She encouraged readers in her fitness journal to make a changes in order to improve their health and fitness by making simple changes in their lifestyle, she said: “Lifestyle changes can make a huge difference to body, mind and soul. Take walking – by this I mean brisk, vigorous walking.

“It could be as simple as planning a regular daily route, using lunchtime to stretch your legs or signing up for an organised walk.

“Walking gives you time to yourself and to really feel the health benefits, regular power walks at a moderate-to-high intensity will give you those wonderful endorphins – invaluable to staying positive and crunching calories.”

Running, jogging, swimming and tennis are also some of the go-to activities that help Pippa keep her toned physique.

She previously noted that the fresh air was “better than ever for clearing the head and keeping the body active.”

In addition to her out-of-doors activity, the British socialite regularly attended classes for “Barrecore, strength and conditioning, Pilates or yoga.”

Pippa Middleton diet – What does Pippa eat to stay so slender?

Although the mother-of-one hasn’t spoken about the specific diet she has been following in recent years, she has touched on her approach to clean eating in the past.

“I try to eat whole-grain, energy-fuelled carbohydrates and three meals a day,” she previously told a publication.

“I always have breakfast. I can’t start the day properly without it,” she said. “My usual breakfast is either plain yogurt with chopped fruit and toasted seeds, oats, and nuts or toasted rye bread with eggs or avocado.”

However, when she’s training for an event or marathon, Middleton amps things up. “I also increase my portion sizes based on my training level, with lots of brown rice, lentils, quinoa, and sweet potato, and for breakfast, porridge and rye toast.”

If Pippa is getting ready for an even or special occasion she revealed she cuts out a number of things to get into shape.

She said: “A week or so before an event, I cut out alcohol, refined sugar, and processed foods.”

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