Prince Louis ‘is kamikaze’ with ‘sports like rugby’ – makes Kate & Prince William ‘worry’

Kate Middleton giggles with rugby player before being lifted up

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Kate Middleton was announced as the Patron of English Rugby on Wednesday, February 2, 2022. On that day, the Duchess of Cambridge went to Twickenham for a rugby training session ahead of the first Six Nations tournament which took place on Saturday. The Duchess was announced as the new patron of the English Rugby Football League and the English Rugby Football Union after the posts were left vacant by Prince Harry.

Rugby has always been one of Britain’s favourite sports, and the Royal Family is no exception to this.

Even Kate showed what she was made of when she trained with the England Rugby team for a session ahead of their first Six Nations tournament match.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may be raising future sports stars after Kate revealed that her sons, Prince George and Prince Louis, are major rugby fans.

During training, Kate revealed that her sons have started loving the sport so much that they both now play it.

But Kate is reportedly a little worried about her sons’ fondness of the at-times violent sport.

She is reportedly especially worried about her youngest son Prince Louis, three, who is said to be really into the rough and tumble of the game.

Her eldest son Prince George, eight, has also taken part in a few rugby sessions at his school.

Kate then implied that her daughter Princess Charlotte, six, has taken a likening to the sport.

She said: “Now that there is a move towards co-ed sport, so it’s not just girls playing netball, but other sports like rugby, which is great.”

When it comes to little Louis, however, Kate didn’t seem so happy with his love of rugby.

She added: “They’re all enjoying it, Louis is kamikaze!

“We’re worrying about when he gets older, he’ll be in the middle of everything.”

Before Saturday’s game, Kate was gifted with three mini England rugby kits for her children George, Charlotte and Louis.

In the session, Kate grabbed the rugby ball and ran along the field to score a try.

She even took part in a scrum and allowed the players to lift her up to grab the ball in a lineout.

Kate said: “I am so thrilled to become Patron of the Rugby Football League and Rugby Football Union – two fantastic organisations who are committed to harnessing the power that sport can have in bringing communities together and helping individuals flourish.

“I’m very proud to be here. I’ve got lots to learn, I’ve been looking at different players and tactics.

“I look forward to working with them across all levels of the games, and to cheering England on in what promises to be an exciting year for both sports!”

Kate’s new position put her directly in competition with her husband, Prince William, who is the Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union.

Princess Anne is similarly the Patron of Scottish Rugby.

PRINCE LOUIS is reported to love a bit of rough and tumble when it comes to sports, with his mother Kate Middleton revealing that rugby is one of his favourite hobbies.

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