Slimmer dropped 7st in two years with method that ‘really helped’

Rapid weight loss 'becoming much more accepted' says Mosley

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When it comes to weight loss, diet and exercise remain the top two incredibly important factors. And after one woman took the plunge to change her lifestyle completely, she lost a whopping seven stone and shows no signs of stopping.

Kelly, 34, tipped the scales at 26 stone before lockdown and decided to kick-start her health journey, but she did so not only for herself but for charity too.

But she did so not only for herself but for charity too.

Kelly transformed her appearance and lifestyle by taking part in various fundraising events for Cats Protection.

To date, she has raised thousands of pounds to help moggies in need and in doing so has lost an incredible 100lb and is intent on dropping more.

But what did she do to achieve her dramatic weight loss results?

Kelly revealed she took full advantage of getting into fitness while stuck at home.

She said: “One thing that really helped me mentally during lockdown was exercising every day on FaceTime with my best friend.

“When the gyms reopened, I felt readier than I’d ever been!”

Now lockdown’s over, she continues to exercise at least four times a week to keep fit and build lean muscle.

Not only that, but she totally overhauled her diet as well.

“I changed my eating habits, started to become more aware of the importance of nutrition and calories, and really focused and worked hard on myself,” she beamed, proud of her progress.

“I’ve continued to be aware of my nutrition and on May 19 I hit a total loss of 100 pounds.”

She also shared her future goals, adding: “I’ve set myself a goal of losing another 50lb.”

Kelly is now preparing to do yet another challenge for Cats Protection, this time across Zambia.

“I’ll be paddling in a canoe for three whole days!” she said.

And while it’s all for a good cause, Kelly will also be reaping the rewards.

Canoeing is great for burning fat, as people can burn about 300 to 500 calories per hour of vigorous paddling.

The outdoor activity works a lot of key muscles, with the large sweeping strokes using all three planes of motion and giving people a fun workout in a short space of time.

Muscles used include:

Core – obliques and abdominals

Lower back



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