Slimmer lost five stone in months with her own diet plan

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After Sinead Hatter went to her first post-Covid, in-person work event last September, she decided she needed to make an “immediate” change when it came to her appearance. When she saw pictures of herself at the social, she realised she was extremely unhappy with her weight.

Sinead jumped on the scales to find out she weighed 13st 13lbs, which was the heaviest she has ever been.

From that day forward, she set a goal to lose three stone (42 lbs) by January 31, 2022.

But she dropped a lot more than that with the help of MyFitnessPal.

She said: “I had to mentally prepare myself for the challenge ahead and address a few battles I had been harbouring that hadn’t been dealt with.

“A lot of this was handled by using food as a comfort, especially after the passing of my dear mum in 2019.

“I realised that I could only change my mindset and this had to happen before I could even start working on my physical appearance.”

Sinead spent a lot of time researching both mindfulness and weight loss and created a clear vision of how to successfully reach her goal.

She set out a plan that saw her overhaul her diet and cut down her daily calories whilst walking 10,000 steps a day and drinking plenty of water.

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“This was purely to shock my body for the first 21 days,” she explained. Twenty-one days is usually considered how long it takes to break a habit.

Soon enough, she saw the weight fall off and she lost a stone. Gradually, Sinead began to increase her calories every two weeks so that she was eventually eating healthier with better choices and portion control.

She said: “This was a personal choice as I was keen to get into the next weight bracket!”

Sinead ensured the food she ate throughout the day was well-balanced and that she tracked everything from day one with MyFitnessPal.

Following the new year, she changed the plan and increased her calorie intake once again, prioritising protein within her meals and getting to the gym five times a week.

“I hit the target of 42lbs and at this point, I was happy with what I could see in the mirror,” she beamed.

After hitting her goal, Sinead didn’t want to stop there. She then set a new challenge to drop a further 12lbs and to create more body definition, which she achieved in no time.

Since then, she has been working on getting more toned and started weight training, which is hailed for helping boost weight loss alongside cardio training.

Sinead explained: “My life has changed dramatically since losing weight, firstly from a mindset and outlook perspective but also in terms of my body confidence.”

Sinead has now dropped to a size eight and lost over 70lb, which she describes as “the smallest and strongest she has ever been”.

Behind her progress, Sinead believes the key to maintaining a healthy weight is “consistency and keeping accountable”. And even though she is now happy with her weight, she still uses MyFitnessPal religiously and says she “will never stop”.

“My weight loss is now steady as I lost such a large amount in the first six months and I am now more focused on sculpting and defining my body, although I still like to see progress each week,” she said.

Sinead continues to set out a plan each week for her activity and to keep track of her calorie intake and is now focused on macros and training. She describes MyFitnessPal as “crucial” to this part of her journey.

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