Sophie Wessex does ‘cardiovascular workouts’ – but enjoys ‘red wine’

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 57, wowed royal fans when she stepped out at the Together at Christmas carol concert wearing a Max Mara “Custodi Double-Breasted Brushed Wool Coat In Sand White” with a Reiss “Fallon Wool Blend Roll Neck Dress in Oatmeal”. Then on Christmas Day at Sandringham, the royal stunned in a new Joseph Fashion “Lima Double Face Cashmere Coat”.

How has Sophie been looking so good recently?

Jeremiah Daniel, an experienced hiking guide, a qualified level four personal trainer, as well as the co-founder and CEO of Moonlight Reviews, spoke exclusively to to explain.

He said: “The Countess of Wessex has a holistic approach to maintaining physical and mental well-being, incorporating a variety of healthy lifestyle habits into her daily routine.

“In terms of diet, the Countess is said to follow the Mediterranean diet with no strict rules about food intake and instead emphasises the importance of balance and overall well-being.

“Her diet consists of predominantly natural, unprocessed foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, fish, olive oil, and moderate amounts of red wine.

“She also avoids foods high in sugar and fats, as well as processed and refined foods.”

Mr Daniel expanded on how Sophie keeps such an “organic lifestyle”.

He explained: “The Countess follows an organic lifestyle whenever possible, which includes growing her own organic vegetables, avoiding processed food, and cooking healthy meals from fresh ingredients.

“In terms of exercise, the Countess is said to have a regular workout regime comprising yoga, running, Pilates, weight training, and tennis.

“She also regularly undertakes cardiovascular workouts and enjoys playing tennis.”

However, Sophie also practices another type of exercise, that has nothing to do with “physical activity”.

Mr Daniel suggested: “Aside from her regular physical activity, the Countess also works on her mental well-being, taking part in a variety of activities such as meditation, mindfulness, journaling, and reading.

“All this contributes to her slim figure and her healthy lifestyle.”

Martin Sharp, a Multi-Award Winning Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach and founder of Sharp Fit For Life, also spoke exclusively to about Sophie’s diet.

He said: “Sophie, Countess of Wessex is well reported over the past decade for eating very healthily, including plant-based foods and lean protein and is also known for her culinary skills.

“She is not afraid to try a sweet treat on occasion, especially when on royal duties.

“Though keeping herself well hydrated and ensuring she gets proper sleep will play a large part.”

The expert also expanded on the Countess’ favourite exercises.

He claimed: “Sophie has been known for cycling and has done so in aid of charity in the past, completing the 450-mile D-of-E Diamond Challenge from Edinburgh to London in 2016 in aid of Vision Foundation. Also, she has been known to enjoy skiing and horse riding.

“By making being fit and healthy part of her lifestyle rather than a forced or optional addition, I’m sure she will prioritise her schedule to make sure there is adequate space allowed.

“As with most busy people, when it is important, which health is, then space is allotted.”

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