The carbs you must be eating to see weight loss results

Rapid weight loss 'becoming much more accepted' says Mosley

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With so much conflicting information circling the internet about how to lose weight, it’s no wonder some people either give up or can’t find a method that works for them. In an effort to reduce the confusion, a health expert has revealed that one weight loss method in particular is nothing but a myth.

Michael Garrico, a personal fitness trainer at Total Shape, explained that the common misconception that people must cut out carbs from their diet is nothing short of false.

He said: “Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are the essential macronutrients that have to be a part of any healthy and sustainable diet.

“They each play a very important role in your body. Carbohydrates are a major source of energy for your body and they allow it to function properly.”

There are, however, two different types of carbs out there that will have different impacts on people’s weight loss goals.

Michael explained: “Carbohydrates can be simple and complex, and what you want to do is limit your intake of simple carbohydrates.

“They are found in processed foods and because of their simple chemical structure, they spike your blood sugar levels.”

He continued: “Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, are processed more slowly, which means that they provide sustained energy and there are no sudden spikes in your blood sugar levels.”

“Peas, beans, lentils, whole grains, and some vegetables are all great sources of complex carbs.”

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Complex carbs are also higher in fibre and are digested slower, making them more filling as opposed to simple carbs.

This means they’re a good option for people looking to take back control of their weight as they can help manage appetite and have been found to promote fat burning by speeding up metabolism.

Experts have long said it is important people eat a wide variety of foods in the right proportions.

By consuming the right amount of food and drink, it will make it easier for a person to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

Great sources of complex carbs include:

Whole-wheat bread

Sprouted-grain bread

Whole-wheat pasta


Brown rice



Green peas

Simple carbohydrates to avoid are typically in processed foods or those with added sugar.

Adding sugar to food increases its calorie content without providing any additional nutrition.

Simple carbs to avoid:

Fizzy drinks

Baked treats

Packaged cookies

Fruit juice concentrate

Breakfast cereal

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