This Cult-Favorite Bedding Brand Released a Eucalyptus Cooling Comforter That Will Help You Sleep Better

When it comes to the current self-care movement (the one that’s flooding your Instagram feed with photos that depict dreamy, candle-lit bedrooms with a book on the bed), there’s no better self-care for yourself than a good night of sleep. We’re officially declaring 2019 as the year of great sleep, especially when there are so many products these days that promote better zzzs. Whether it’s trying out silk pillowcases to help decrease wrinkles, replacing your cotton sheets for linen sheets, or using a weighted eye mask to get some shut eye faster, we’re all about this sleep obsession and all of its accessories to boot.

As you begin to start thinking about upgrading your sheets or comforters before warmer temperatures hit, we found the newest comforter that all hot sleepers need to try ASAP. While you might not be New York-based, you may have heard about The Cloud comforter from natural home goods brand Buffy on Instagram or through the comforter’s 12,000 five-star customer reviews. The Cloud quickly became a cult-favorite home bedding item because it literally feels like you’re sleeping in a cloud (hence the name), so Buffy is introducing a new comforter to its line. Meet The Breeze: It’s a temperature-regulating comforter that is 100 percent plant-based and entirely made of eucalyptus fibers, which are sourced from the wood pulp of sustainably grown eucalyptus trees.

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Because the comforter is made from eucalyptus only, the shell fabric and the fill are naturally more breathable than other comforters made from polyester or animal-based materials. The breathability of the comforter ultimately leads to a more regulated temperature as you sleep, especially if you’re a sleeper that struggles with heat control at night. Buffy created The Breeze from the company’s belief that the body’s daily restorative process begins in bed, and we couldn’t agree with that more! Not only will The Breeze make you sleep better, it’s also helping the environment. The comforter’s eucalyptus fiber is completely biodegradable and uses less water and land than cotton when produced.

Buffy Breeze Comforter

To buy: $170;

To continue celebrating Earth Day and the launch all this week, Buffy has partnered with the American Forests to plant a tree for every Breeze comforter sold. To shop the comforter that we’re dubbing as the solution to help you sleep better this summer, head to Plus, if you’re not totally convinced, Buffy offers a 30-night trial to test out the comforter to make sure all your dreams come true.

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