Weight loss bombshell: Eating surprising food can burn fat – when should you have it?

Weight loss is not an easy task for many but getting the right diet and exercise plan can be a good starting point. While most dieters know they need to eat less, an expert explained what surprising food should be eaten more by those hoping to slim. Filling up on carbohydrates and high fat foods could be the key to burning belly fat.


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When following a healthy diet plan, there are foods everyone can eat more of, Elliott Upton, personal trainer at Ultimate Performance and Head of LiveUP Online Coaching, told Express.co.uk.

He explained a weight loss diet plan should include protein and plenty of vegetables.

“Every meal should be built around a quality source of protein,” Elliot said. “It helps to repair, rebuild and maintain muscle tissue, which not only improves body composition but also increases metabolic rate.

“It is also satiating, so helps keep you fuller for longer, and the better you can control hunger, the more sustainable your diet will be.


“A variety of vegetables helps meet your vitamin and mineral needs, while also helping the detoxification process, suppressing inflammation and aiding healthy digestion.

“Vegetables are also the ideal food for dieting – they are big in physical volume but low in energy density, meaning you can eat plenty to fill you up without the calorie count climbing to high.”

While filling up on fresh vegetables is something lots of Britons know to do, Elliot gave more surprising advice.

Tucking into meals that are high in healthy fats can help dieters feel fuller for longer and aid weight loss.

He added: “Fat is essential for health and should be the cornerstone of any body transformation diet.

“Fat is a great source of energy, and can slow down digestion and suppress hunger between meals.

“However, fat intake should be carefully monitored, as each gram of fat contains more than double the calories (nine calories) than protein or carbs (four calories) so it can be easy to overeat.”

As well eating high fat foods, the expert recommended eating carbohydrates as part of a healthy diet plan.


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Carbohydrates have fewer calories per gram than fat and dieters should look for non-refined sources, the expert suggested.

“Like fats, carbs should not be feared,” Elliot told Express.co.uk.

“Healthy, non-refined carb sources can offer a host of benefits as part of a balanced diet.

“They can boost performance and strength, and aid recovery from your workouts, improve thyroid function, as well as help you sleep better.”

Eating carbs after exercising or with the last meal of the day is recommended for the best results.

Elliot continued: “We find from experience with tens of thousands of clients over the past decade that carbs are best eaten post-workout, when your body is most likely to use the glucose properly and refuel the muscle.

“Also, in the last meal of the day, which can aid with relaxation and improved sleep.”

By eating healthy carbs at a particular time of day could lead to the best weight loss results. 

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