Weight loss: Can drinking herbal tea help burn fat? Best time to drink beverage

Dr Oz explains the health benefits of green tea

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There are many types of herbal tea including green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and white tea. They have been associated with weight loss for years due to the high amount of antioxidants they contain. When is the best time to drink the beverage?

Teamed with a healthy diet and regular exercise, a cup or two a day of herbal tea can help boost the metabolism as well as help to burn body fat.

Medical herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner, Jo Webber explained: “Herbal tea contains many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which have shown to provide many short and long-term health benefits.

“They can help support digestion and cleansing; both of which are key functions to help with bloating and support weight loss.”

One benefit of drinking herbal tea is that it can help boost the metabolism.

Those with a higher metabolism burn more calories than those with a slow one, meaning that the beverage can help increase the amount of calories a person burns in a day.

The expert explained that green tea and matcha have high antioxidant levels, which can help to fat burn.

Jo added: “Green tea boosts natural processes within our digestive tract and cardiovascular system that can help boost thermogenesis, also known as fat burning.”

What’s more, matcha green tea is thought to have even higher levels of antioxidants.

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It is made by taking young leaves and grinding them into a brighter green powder.

The powder is then mixed and whisked with hot water to create a bright green beverage.

The expert recommends drinking the tea 30 minutes before a large meal, or first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

“This way, it gets absorbed by the body better,” Jo said.

For those struggling to lose weight due to food cravings, herbal tea could be the answer to combat those.

Herbal tea, in particular liquorice, is thought to help satisfy those with a sweet tooth.

The expert said: “It contains glycyrrhizic acid, which is fifty times sweeter than sugar without the calorific value.”

An average cup of herbal tea contains around 80 calories, although this does vary between different ones.

Another great benefit of drinking herbal tea daily is that it can help to relieve stress.

In one 2008 study, men who drank green tea before exercising burned 17 percent more fat than men who didn’t. 

The study suggested that green tea can boost the effect of fat burning.

According to the herbalist, stress hormones can impact belly fat.

Belly fat is an extremely stubborn form of fat to shift due to the area containing a much higher amount of fat cells.

Jo said: “Prolonged stress affects our mental and physical health and can even lead to a little extra tummy fat.

“When faced with a crisis, this stress response slows unnecessary body functions so you can focus.

“Once the threat passes, everything goes back to normal. However, prolonged stress can keep stress hormones levels elevated, along with your blood pressure and blood sugars.”

While human studies on the topic is limited, animal studies suggest that the active compound in green tea can aid fat burning by boosting the effects of hormones, such as norepinephrine.

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