Weight loss diet plan behind this woman’s incredible transformation revealed

One woman has revealed her amazing weight loss transformation online.

The 23-year-old woman has lost 6.2 stone, shrinking from 16.4 stone to a healthier 10 stone.

They wrote: “Found some old pics of what I used to look like vs this past week on vacation.

“For the most part I had gotten rid of all my old pictures but after a week of not feeling to great it felt nice to find them and see how far I’ve come.”

Weight loss diet plan behind this woman’s incredible transformation revealed – what did she eat?

The Reddit user followed a pescatarian diet to lose weight.

What is the pescatarian diet?

A pescatarian diet is a no meat diet, however, those on the plan do eat seafood like fish and shellfish.

Fish is known to be full of protein and healthy fats that can boost weight loss.

The Reddit user wrote a list of all her diet tips and tricks, also including intermittent fasting. 

She revealed she was eating all her calories within an eight hour window to stay trim.

However, there are different ways to fast like this.

The 5:2 diet is another example of intermittent fasting.

What is more, the dieter does HIIT cardio workouts three or four times a week.

How else does she stay slim? She wrote: “Turmeric creamer/raw cacao butter coffee that boosts my energy and helps me keep my appetite/cravings down (discovered it a month ago and it’s made such a difference. It’s a necessity for me.

“Making my own meals (honestly I still eat out pretty frequently but feel like I manage to find a balance that works for me and if I expect to eat out that day I accommodate my eating for the day around that).

“Watch out for liquid calories. I’m a person that can easily have 4/5 coffees a day and with milk/creamer that adds up insanely.

“Figuring out all the empty calories I’d consume just from my coffees made it pretty easy to switch to americanos.”

Another woman revealed the diet plan she followed to lose three stone in a couple of months. 

The 27-year-old decided to share how she had achieved her weight loss transformations to delighted fans of the social media site Reddit.

Responding to a fan question about how she had managed to slim down, she revealed she’d combined different diets to keep things interesting and different to encourage natural weight loss.

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