Weight loss diet plan: This food can help you slim down fast – how much should you eat?

Following a healthy diet and exercise plan is the best way for slimmers to get into shape. Filling up on one food group in particular could see the best results, Harry Smith, PT at Snap Fitness and nutritionalist, revealed. Pairing natural whole foods with those high in protein can help slimmers shape up quickly. How much should you eat?

I’d advise you consume mostly high protein foods.

Harry Smith

When picking a meal plan for weight loss, Harry explained the importance of eating foods high in protein.

He told Express.co.uk: “I’d advise you consume mostly high protein foods from dairy, fish and meat sources.

“Also whole non-processed foods like fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes.”

So, how much should protein should you have?

“The general rules I have with most of my weight loss clients are to make sure they have at least two plants and one fist-sized protein serving with each meal. This does the trick nicely,” he added.

By upping the protein content in the diet, slimmers can start to notice their waistline shrink.

When choosing a plan high in protein, dieters can stock up on foods including meat, fish, eggs, nuts and dairy.

Although food choices are important, Harry explained why no foods need to be cut out completely when shaping up.

He said: “All foods can be consumed when trying to slim down. There are no fattening foods.

“This is in some moderation, but you can still eat and drink your favourite foods and lose weight so long as you are consistently in a caloric deficit.”

In fact, the most important thing could be ensuring you eat less than you burn off and stay in a calorie deficit.

Harry said: “No foods absolutely need to be avoided and they definitely can be enjoyed when trying to lose weight.

“You must take caution though as some foods can pack a large amount of calories in just a mouthful.

“Cakes, biscuits and sweet treats like mini-pies can contain over 500 calories and these sorts of single mouthful bites can easily push you into calorie surplus rather than deficit.”

When slimming down, choosing healthy breakfast foods such as eggs, avocados and yogurt can set dieters up for the day.

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