Weight loss diet: This drink can help you lose weight fast – when should you have it?

To lose weight, some people might add more exercise into the daily routine.

Others might cut all unhealthy foods from their diet, or follow a structured plan like the keto diet. 

On top of diet and exercise, there are other things which have been shown to help speed up the process even more.

Drinking apple cider vinegar can flatten the abs and taking the drink at a certain time of day can make a difference to how well it works.

Weight loss diet plan: Apple cider vinegar can help burn fat fast

How does it work?

Apple cider vinegar is something which can be easily bought in the supermarket and experts claim it helps people shape up.

A study of obese rats found the drink reduces the store of belly fat and well as making it more difficult to gain fat in the first place.

In a similar study published in the US National Library of Medicine, scientists found the drink boosted the metabolism which promotes more fat loss.

This study also revealed drinking apple cider vinegar suppressed the appetite meaning dieters were less likely to eat excess calories.

When should you have it?

Although the drink can be taken at any time, it is best to have it at least twice each day to get boosted results.

In one study, 175 obese people were given either one or two tablespoons of the bitter drink each day for a 12-week period.

All of the slimmers managed to lose weight, but the results were better for those who had more.

Dieters who had one tablespoon a day shed an average of 2.6 pounds.

Slimmers who had two tablespoons each day lost an average of 3.7 pounds over the same time period.

If using the condiment, slimmers can get their daily dose in a number of different ways.

The tablespoon can be taken neat or mixed with water to dilute the taste.

Those with a sweet tooth can add honey to the mixture to help mask the bitter taste.

Using this as well as following a diet plan, such as intermittent fasting, could help boost the metabolism and burn more fat. 

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