Weight loss: Doctor suggests different approach to losing weight – ‘burns body fat’

Weight loss advice shared by Steve Miller in 2019

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Losing weight doesn’t come easy to some as it does to others, and it can be a minefield sifting through the thousands of diets on the internet to find one that works bet for you. With this in mind, many people tend to fall not the trap of just restricting their calories to the point where they are not eating in order to lose weight, a common practice but not a healthy one.

This not only makes a person hungrier, but it also slows down their metabolism.

Instead, doctors have suggested that cutting carbohydrates could help, but not for obvious reasons.

Dr. David Ludwig, a professor of nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health, explained to TODAY: “While people can lose weight over the short term, very few people can manage to ignore their hunger and fight through those metabolic problems to maintain their weight loss.”

Instead, he and his colleagues suggest a new approach.

They call it the “carbohydrate-insulin model” and it aims to control insulin levels.

“Insulin — you can think of (it) as the ultimate fat cell fertiliser,” Dr Ludwig said.

“Too much insulin, fat cells get programmed to hoard calories.

“So, there aren’t too many calories in the blood stream and that’s why we get hungry.”

Low-carb diets hold a similar ethos, in some cases leading to a reduction in appetite due to the increased protein and healthy fats, such as avocados and nuts, consumed.

They usually involve cutting out refined carbs, including bread, rice and sweets.

Dr Ludwig went on to explained that the popular ketogenic diet is a more “extreme” form that restricts carbs to between 30 and 50 grams a day.

But he noted it is often a challenge for many as some foods contain a high number of carbs, such as a single bagel which has 48 grams.

These types of diets are well established in nutrition science, and are proven to have immense health benefits, including:

Weight loss

Lower cholesterol

Lower blood pressure and blood sugar

Reduce appetite

Lower triglycerides

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