Weight loss: Fitness expert recommends this workout and diet plan for Spoon body shape

When looking to lose weight and get into shape knowing the type of body shape you are could do wonders for achieving the best results, experts have claimed. According to multiple fitness experts and enthusiasts, there are five different body shapes – Rectangle, Apple, Hourglass, Spoon, and Inverted Triangle. Knowing what body shape a slimmer is allows them to do specific workout routines and dieting programmes to boost weight loss for their body type.


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Zac Yeo, a fitness expert at OriGym, has created the best workout and diet guide for slimmers with the Spoon body shape – but first, what is the Spoon body shape?

Spoon body shape – think of this body as an upright, vertical spoon with the broader part downwards.

The bust and waist tend to be smaller, while the hips are larger than the rest of the body. According to fitness experts, this kind of body type is very common with Indian bodies, one tends to be petite and small-made on top but acquires weight and girth on the hips, thighs and belly.

Slimmers with a spoon body shape should, therefore, go easy with weight lifting, as these tend to add girth to the lower body.

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Instead, Zac from OriGym recommends circuit training as a means for a slimmer to lose weight and get in shape.

He said: “At OriGym we would suggest a Circuit Training routine to build strength and reduce your body fat percentage at the same time.

“We would advise you to complete this exercise routine between three to four times a week at first, building up to four to five if you can commit more time.

“Try to do the exercises with no rest until the full circuit is complete!” he added.

According to Zac, the target of the workout is to give the upper body more definition and to balance out the spoon shape. “It will also help define your lower body, especially your hamstrings, calves, thighs, and glutes,” he said.

Workout guide

1.V Shape Wide Squat 

x 3 Sets (1 set per circuit) 

x 20 repetitions

“This exercise is great with light weights so you will be able to tone your upper body whilst simultaneously working out your lower body targeting your glutes, quads, and hamstrings,” the fitness expert said.

2.Plank Leg Sweep

x 3 Sets (1 set per circuit)

x 10 repetitions on each leg

“This exercise is a fantastic way of helping to strengthen your core, whilst working out your shoulder muscles and toning your legs,” he said.


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3. Donkey Kicks

x 3 Sets (1 set per circuit) 

x 10 repetitions on each leg

“This exercise is great to engage and strengthen your core, this exercise also helps by engaging your glutes as you do each repetition,” he added.  

4. Lunge with Tricep Extension

x 3 Sets (1 set per circuit) 

x 10 repetitions on each leg

“The lunge is a great compound exercise to help strengthen your lower body and targets the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings. The tricep extension helps to strengthen your triceps simultaneously as you want to balance out the spoon shape body,” he said.

5. Jumping Jacks

x 3 Sets (1 set per circuit)

x 10 repetitions

“This exercise is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise whilst it helps you tone your lower body,” he added.

Diet plan

According to experts, the best diet plan for a spoon body shape to follow is one with reduced saturated fats.

“Eliminate saturated fats from your diet and other stuff that goes straight to the tummy.

“Instead, opt for natural sources of fat like dairy, dry fruits, and baked snacks instead of fried ones.

“Lean proteins – white meat, leafy green veggies, and lentils – are a must-have.

“Eat plenty of salads, but avoid too many sweet fruits; just one portion a day will do,” the expert added. 

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