Weight loss: Five steps to get your diet plan off to a good start

Weight loss can have different motivations, whether it’s to improve general health, trim down or just lose a couple of pounds finding the right way to start a diet, that doesn’t overwhelm and demotivate, is one of the most crucial things to consider at the beginning of a diet. So, what are some great tips to start a diet off right?


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There are bound to be challenges whenever embarking on a weight loss journey or when starting something new, especially when it involves having to do something several times a day – like watching what a person is eating and drinking. Still, as long as a person doesn’t attempt to change everything at once, it is easy to achieve and meet a weight loss goal. But what are some good ways to start a diet off right?

1. Follow a healthy eating plan

A healthy eating plan should include a balance of foods that a person enjoys as well as plenty of healthy, not-too-processed foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean meats, seafood, beans, and nuts.

By incorporating these food groups into an eating plan these low-calorie foods will actually help motivate slimmers to sticking to a diet plan, as they have a great ability to satisfy hunger.

The most satisfying foods have lots of fibre (like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and nuts) and/or low-fat protein (found in meat, fish, dairy and soy).

The simple act of writing down the different meals one consumes on a daily basis can also be a powerful tool to keep slimmers in control of their weight loss journey.

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2. Take baby steps

Change can be difficult and hard, but making small, gradual changes to an eating pattern is the best way to overhaul and change a diet.

It has previously been reported that some experts believe that making just one change a week, can give enough time to get used to a new behaviour.

Martin Titeleas, nutritionist and fitness instructor, commented: “An excellent way to start a diet is by stocking up cupboards and your refrigerator with healthy foods, plan your meals for the week.

“The trick is to start off small so that you don’t get overwhelmed or demotivated with a diet.

“Your ultimate goal should be to establish new eating habits that can be sustained for a lifetime.”


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3. Set realistic goals

When setting weight loss goals, dreaming of fitting into clothing sizes that just aren’t realists can be demotivating.

However, by setting a realistic goal such as losing as little as five percent to ten percent of body weight can improve the way a slimmer feels and it should motivate a slimmer to carry on with the weight loss journey.

Studies in the past has shown that losing even a small amount of weight can have many health benefits such as improving overall health, lower blood pressure, as well as, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Set weight goals that are attainable to maintain a healthy weight loss which can be maintained long term.

4. Reward, don’t punish

To keep motivation high, a slimmer should reward themselves after reaching a particular goal.

After all, losing five pounds or making it to the gym five times a week definitely deserves a positive recognition to keep motivation high.

However, Martin Titeleas, nutritionist and fitness instructor, warns that a slimmer shouldn’t be too hard on themselves if they miss a day or don’t follow the diet plan everyday.

He said: “Don’t be too hard on yourself when you fall off the wagon, everyone does it sooner or later.

“Anticipate that slip-ups will occasionally happen, and when they do don’t fret too much, just dust yourself off and get right back on track.”

5. Add exercise

Eating healthily is only half the weight loss battle. Getting regular doses of physical activity can be a powerful tool to help with burning off calories, increasing strength, improving balance and coordination while also reducing stress and improving the overall health of a slimmer.

Martin Titeleas advises that incorporating exercise in the morning could be a great way to make sure that a slimmer sticks to a plan.

He said: “I would advice to fit in fitness first thing in the morning, to make sure that it doesn’t get squeezed out of your busy day.”

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