Weight loss: How to lose weight without cutting out favourite snacks – ‘snack smart’

How to Lose Weight Well: Dieters discover weight loss

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Weight loss is achieved through a calorie deficit which is where one burns more calories than they are consuming. This can be done by cutting down on food portions or opting for healthier alternatives. One expert has shared how slimmers can lose weight while still snacking.

According to Healthline, snacking can keep your hunger on an even keel, especially on days when your meals are spaced further apart.

When you go too long without eating, Healthline explained that you may become so hungry that you end up eating many more calories than you need.

An ideal daily intake of calories depends on age, metabolism and levels of physical activity, however, generally, the NHS recommends this to be around 2,000 calories a day for women and 2,500 a day for men.

Nutritionist Jenna Hope explained how you can lose weight while still snacking throughout the day.

The expert explained: “Snacking often gets a bad rap but snacking per say isn’t ‘bad for you’.

“In fact, smart snacking can help to stabilise your blood sugar levels to prevent crashes which in turn can cause you to crave higher sugar foods and more of it.

“A healthy snack should provide a source of protein and fibre as these will help to keep you fuller for longer.”

Snacks that will help to keep you fuller for longer means that slimmers will less likely to reach for even more snacks throughout the day.

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This can benefit weight loss by reducing the amount of calories consumed throughout the day.

Eating less calories each day will create a larger deficit for weight loss.

Jenna added that snacking can “stabilise your blood sugar levels and curb cravings”.

But what is a good healthy snack option?

Jenna recommends opting for boiled eggs, cream cheese on oatcakes or roasted chickpeas.

These are extremely nutritious and are likely to keep you full for a long time.

Other healthy snacks include nuts, which although can be high in calories, are packed with nutrients and incredibly helpful for a healthy weight loss.

Of course, snacks must be combined with a healthy balanced diet in order for a sustainable weight loss.

The expert explained: “It’s common to think about removing foods when you’re focusing on weight loss but this can contribute to a negative mindset and feeling as though you’re denying yourself of your favourite foods.

“Rather than focusing on removing foods, try incorporating more fruits, vegetables, wholegrain, beans and pulses into your diet as these will keep you fuller for longer due to the fibre.”

Healthline explained that soluble fibre helps to keep your gut bacteria healthy and promotes overall fat loss by reducing your appetite.

The website states: “To further promote belly fat loss, combine your soluble fibre intake with other lifestyle changes, such as making healthier food choices and exercising more.”

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