Weight loss: Making one change to diet plan will help burn fat fast expert reveals

With so many diet plans on the market it is not always easy to know which will work best. To burn belly fat quickly, an expert revealed a simple change slimmers can easily make to their diet plans.


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When trying to drop a few pounds, slimmers should focus on eating fewer calories than they are burning off, personal trainer Elliott Upton explained.

Doing this does not necessarily mean slimmers have to follow a restrictive plan or cut out their favourite foods.

Elliot said: “When it comes to dieting and losing weight, energy balance is key.

“In order to lose weight, you have to create – and maintain – a calorie deficit.

“In short, this means you are expending more calories than you consume either through calorie restriction, increased activity, or a mixture of both.”

Although there are many diet plans on the market, Elliot explained most will follow the basic procedure of a calorie deficit.

By creating a calorie deficit, those hoping to lose weight can choose to use nearly any diet plan or none at all.

He added: “Most diets will (and do) work to a degree – whether it’s Paleo, Pescatarian, Vegan, Keto, Intermittent Fasting, or anything in between.

“But not because of some inherent metabolic magic, but because they help create a calorie deficit.”

What can you eat?

When cutting back on calories, dieters can stay full by filling up on vegetables.

“A variety of vegetables helps meet your vitamin and mineral needs,” the expert added. “It also helps the detoxification process, suppressing inflammation and aiding healthy digestion.


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“Vegetables are also the ideal food for dieting – they are big in physical volume but low in energy density, meaning you can eat plenty to fill you up without the calorie count climbing to high.”

Eating foods high in protein will also help dieters lose weight while toning up.

Elliot added: “Every body transformation client at Ultimate Performance is advised to eat a good source of protein at every meal. The primary reason is to do with body composition.

“If we are looking to achieve a lean and muscular aesthetic when losing weight, we want to only lose fat but preserve the muscle we have.”

High protein foods will help those trying to lose weight feel full without having to eat a huge number of calories.

“Protein is really satiating. This means it will help you feel full for a lot longer,” he explained.

“This means you don’t get hungry between meals, fall off the wagon and snack on calorie-laden junk foods that will dent your weight loss efforts.”

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