Weight loss: Man lost 4st in 3 months after doctor warned he’ll die if diet doesn’t change

When trying to get into shape, dieters can pick up tips from those who have already lost an impressive amount of weight. One slimmer recently shared the diet and exercise plan he used to shed four stone in three months after being warned by his doctor that he “be dead by 40”.


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34-year-old Keith Lindfield from Surrey lived to drink, eat and party away his days before receiving a chilling warning from his doctor which forced him to overhaul his lifestyle and take on the MediWeight diet plan.

“I lived to drink, eat and party but at only 34 my doctors revealed that my cholesterol was very, very high at 7.5,” Keith revealed.

He added: “I realised that if I did not take control of my diet and health, I would be dead by 40.”

What is MediWeight?

The diet is a medically supervised weight loss and lifestyle programme tailored for the individual.

MediWeight helps dieters lose weight quickly, up to one stone a month, and safely but also to develop the lifestyle habits that will keep the weight off long-term, whilst still being able to enjoy food and life.

MediWeight also provides psychological and post-programme support if necessary, to help dieters achieve and maintain weight loss goals.

Growing up, creative Keith – who was a singer and dancer – was super fit and active and didn’t struggle with his weight.

However, that all changed when he made the decision to leave his profession after struggling with depression and constant anxiety attacks and has since seen his weight escalate to dangerous levels.

He said: “It was a struggle on a day to day basis. You don’t get any warning that your about to have a panic attack. I could be walking down the street, at work or just doing the normal daily routine and I would suddenly have one.

“Symptoms included severe palpitation, pins and needles, and breathing difficulties. It felt like I was having a heart attack.

“I had to give up my career and this led me to spiral out of control when it came to eating and drinking.”


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Keith revealed that he “drank every day and drank excessively at the weekends” which contributed to his weight gain – “my weight just ballooned,” he added.

“I tried every diet going from the Cambridge to Weight Watchers but the problem was I did not see results fast enough and I soon lost motivation, falling back into my old ways.

“I remember seeing myself in the mirror but not really seeing myself. It’s only now that I look back on photos from that period and realise how unhealthy I looked.

“I was struggling to walk without being out of breath and the pain in my joints, particularly my knees, was intense because of the excess weight I was carrying.

“Food was a comfort and I knew I had no hope of finding a meaningful relationship.”

However, Keith found that MediWeight was different from other dieting programmes because it gave speedy results, he said: ”Seeing such quick results every week kept me focused.

“I lost weight rapidly but did not feel hungry or without energy. The high protein meals in sachets were easy to prepare and to take to work. Weekly supervision was a great support,” he said.

“I lost just under 4 stone in three months and it was amazing to see such quick results which really kept my motivation high.

“My confidence has improved and my joint pain eased. My Cholesterol is now a healthy 4.2.

Since discovering MediWeight’s diet plan, at his local Courthouse Clinic in Esher, Keith has managed to keep the weight off.

He said: “I have managed to keep the weight off. I am no saint and I still enjoy a drink at the weekends but never during the week. I am far less anxious since losing the weight and I feel I may even be able to start thinking about going back to my singing and dancing career.

“Overall the diet has changed my relationship with food allowing me to realise where I was going wrong and how to maintain a healthy diet with better food choices for life. I am never going to look back!”

Currently, MediWeight can be accessed at your local Courthouse Clinic, to locate your closest branch – click here

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