Weight loss: Michael Mosley recommends eating fermented foods to slim – ‘I do it!’

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Weight loss is something many want to achieve, but without the right recommendations, only a few succeed at it. Dr Michael Mosley has revealed his ultimate diet tip to lose weight.

Michael Mosley explained that many people are not aware that eating fermenting foods helps losing weight.

“I do it!” he said.

Fermented foods, which include sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir, are made by the controlled growth of beneficial microorganisms.

But what are fermented foods?

Bacteria are microorganisms that play a major role in the fermentation process, which is a process that consumes the sugar in the absence of oxygen.

Bacteria found in these foods add healthful diversity to your microbiome – your body’s own bacteria which is essential for good health.

Foods that contain intestine-friendly bacteria help to keep the digestive system in good shape.

When you have a good digestive system, you maintain healthy body weight.

Studies suggest that diets rich in fermented foods have many benefits, including weight loss.

Other benefits are a lower risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome and better digestive health and immune system.

Fermented foods are also beneficial to reduce inflammation, which triggers the body fat cells.

Studies have also shown that unfriendly gut bacteria are associated with obesity and that by eating fermented food, you make your gut healthy, which is essential for losing weight.

Michael Mosley explained: “I make my own sauerkraut and kimchi and we also make kombucha.”

Recently, he shared some tips with Express.co.uk on how to stay motivated while following an intermittent fasting diet or any kind of weight loss plan.

Dr Mosley highlighted that in order to succeed, it is essential to get support from friends and family. 

“There is a huge amount of research and evidence supporting the idea that if you want to lose weight, it is really, really important that you have the support of your friends, your family, or some other wider community. Everyone experiences ups and downs in life, and as long as you have support and someone you can turn to, then you’re much more likely to succeed,” he told Express.co.uk.

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Probiotic yogurt

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