Weight loss: One woman lost nearly 10st in one year with diet trick – what did she do?

Losing weight is something on the minds of many people but knowing the best way to achieve goals can be tricky. One woman used social media to share her incredible weight loss transformation and explained she dropped down from 21st 6lb to a trim 11st 13lb. She explained monitoring what she ate helped her achieve the transformation without exercise.


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What diet plan did she follow?

The Reddit user “pippopipperton” shared pictures of her before and after slimming down and shared she is 33-years-old and 5ft 4in.

She posted: “There’s no secret. It’s calories in vs calories out. I was fortunate enough to have the help of a great doctor and we’ve achieved this without exercise.”

The dieter explained closely monitoring what she ate made the biggest difference to her weight loss.

She followed the calories in calories out diet plan, or CICO, to achieve her transformation.

Those who use this diet will closely track how many calories they eat in a day and make sure it is less than what they burn off.

Slimmer “pippopipperton” explained she limited her calorie intake to just 800 a day in order to slim down without exercise.


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Not only did the dieter notice the number of the scales go down, she revealed how her whole body measurements went down.

She said: “I’ve lost 10 inches from my chest and 12 inches from my waist.”

Other Reddit users quickly flocked to the comment section to praise

One user commented: “Wow!!! Great job you look so happy!”


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“You are amazing! And you’ve given us so much more motivation,” another praised.

The slimmer responded to the praise and explained a positive mindset played a big part in her transformation.

“I think the biggest change has been my mindset. I choose positivity. I choose to be surrounded by good people and it’s working,” she added.

Dieters will often use social media to share pictures of their weight loss and tips on how they shaped up.

One woman followed an intermittent fasting diet plan to slim down by three stone. 

While on the diet plan, the Reddit user explained she used a low carb diet plan and only ate once a day.

She explained she would eat all her calories in one meal and fast for the remaining hours and she followed that set up five days a week.

When asked about her meal plan, the dieter explained she would eat meat, vegetables and a small portion of carbs.

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