Weight loss: Personal trainer reveals the best exercise to get in shape and tone up

With autumn approaching, many people are jumping back on the bandwagon and getting in the gym – all in the name of achieving their dream body. As the saying goes, summer bodies are made in the winter, and like with the start of the year, September seems to be the time to start over again after all the summer shenanigans. But what is the best way to get in shape?

Weight loss: Personal trainer reveals the best exercise to get in shape and tone up

Express.co.uk spoke to master trainer of Sweat by BXR, Courtney Fearon, who shared his top tips for losing weight and toning up.

He said: “When it comes to toning and weight loss, there are sadly no quick fixes. The key is to be consistent and to follow a solid training programme supported by smart nutrition.

“The Full Body Programme available at Sweat by BXR is a great place to start; offering classes based on Strength & Conditioning, Cardiovascular Exercise and Core Training.”

Although Courtney admitted that there is no quick way to tone up, he explained that there are some ways slimmers can speed up the weight loss process and get in shape.

He continued: “Focus on chasing your performance, lift more, run faster and longer, and the look will naturally follow.”

So what are the best exercises to do?

Courtney shared the top three go-to exercises for building strength and muscle.


“Make sure you keep a neutral spine, braced core and slight bend in the knee with your weight in the heels, working the lower back, waist, glutes and hips,” he explained.

Dumbbell thrusters

“This is a compound exercise that combines the squat with the shoulder press. This exercise is great for strengthening the entire body; including your quadriceps, glutes,hamstrings, shoulders and triceps.”

Medicine ball slam

“Great for developing power and speed, this movement increases heart rate whilst working triceps, abs, shoulders, calves, back, glutes and quads.”

When it comes to achieving a weight loss goal, Courtney revealed that the key is to be consistent.

He said: “Making sustainable changes to your everyday life choices and setting realistic targets is the best way to ensure consistency. For example, buying a reusable water bottle so you can always stay hydrated, and prioritising sleep. You could set your phone on airplane mode from a certain time at night and allow the body to fully recover.”

As well as this, he advises dieters to find an activity that suits them best, such as “boxing, football, gardening or cycling” which they can fit into their usual routine.

Michelle Keegan recently revealed the secret behind her bikini body, and like Courtney she agreed doing physical activities which she enjoys helped to keep her in shape.

Speaking in a recent interview, the former Coronation Street star said; ‘“Find something active that you enjoy so that it doesn’t become a chore! I love taking my dog for long walks. Do exercise with a friend! That way, you can spur each other on.”

The actress also doesn’t believe in overdoing exercise and instead likes to set herself small doable targets.

She continued: “Don’t overly push yourself. I only set myself a target to spend 45 minutes in the gym and then, I’m done. I think it is important to do everything in moderation.

“Set yourself a realistic goal so that you have something to work towards.”

Courtney Fearon is a Master Trainer at Sweat by BXR, which launched its first standalone studio in Canary Wharf in September 2019. Courtney will be hosting classes at Canary Wharf’s resident strength and wellbeing festival founded by Carli Wheatley – Strong Island 2.0. The festival is an ongoing programme of new and unique health and fitness classes scheduled throughout September and October at various locations on the Canary Wharf estate. For more information and tickets visit www.canarywharf.com


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