Weight loss: This diet plan can help burn fat in just 12 weeks – what can you eat?

A good diet plan will play a vital part when it comes to losing a few pounds. Although there are plenty of diets on the market, some will give better results than others. An expert explained why intermittent fasting could give help burn belly fat.


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When trying to slim down, dieters should combine a healthy eating plan with regular exercise.

Dr Michael Mosley, fasting expert and creator of the 5:2 diet and Fast800 programme, told Express.co.uk one diet plan could help slimmers get into shape quickly.

He explained: “The belief that slow and gradual weight loss is more effective than rapid weight loss is a myth, despite the fact that it has been repeated in text books for decades.

“Scientists have concluded that ‘more rapid and greater initial weight loss is associated with lower body weight at the end of long-term follow-up.’

“In other words if you want to diet successfully it can be better to lose weight fast than slow.”

In order to beat the bulge, dieters can follow a version of an intermittent fasting diet plan.

What is intermittent fasting?

Those on the plan will restrict what they eat to a specific time period each day and fast for the remaining hours.

Some dieters will do this by following the 16:8 plan and will eat all their daily calories within an eight hour window. They will then fast for the remaining 16 hours of the day.

Others will use a more extreme version of this and eat all their meals within four hours of the day, or even within one meal.

For those with less weight to lose, the expert suggested a 5:2 intermittent fasting diet could give the best results.

He said: “If you have less weight to lose and want to focus on fitness and a sustainable lifestyle, there is a 5:2 plan which is based on five days of healthy eating and two fasting days.”


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When following this plan, slimmers will consume only 500 calories on two days of the week and eat normally for the remaining five.

An intermittent fasting diet does not always necessarily restrict calories or dictate what slimmers should eat.

However, it is thought that while the body adapts to eating less often, slimmers will naturally start to cut portion sizes and make healthier choices.

This is known as eating mindfully and the expert revealed slimmers should think about what foods they eat.

“Studies show that mindfulness interventions can improve weight loss outcomes,” Dr Mosley added.

“It can also help to improve negative thoughts and feelings around food that can result in overeating.

“Mental wellbeing is as vital to our health as physical markers.”

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