Weight loss: Top workout tips for staying fit and healthy

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Exercising is a crucial part of keeping healthy and it can reduce the risk of developing several diseases. Regular activity can have immediate and long-time benefits and hitting 10,000 steps everyday is a target for some.

With gyms being closed and many turning to working out from home, one expert has shared top tips on how to stay fit and healthy with no gym equipment.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, lead personal trainer at SHREDDY, Lianna Swan explained how to stay motivated throughout lockdown.

She said: “Adapt your training schedule…If you’re struggling to stick to your usual routine of getting a training session in before/after work, or heading out for a run in these shorter, colder days, why not adapt?

“Try 10- 20 minutes a day of a higher intensity workout.

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“Making sure that you get your heart rate raised will have you feeling energised and accomplished, before sitting down for a long work from home day.

“SHREDDY offer their brilliant Shreddy10 and Shreddy20 guides on their app which provide the perfect burst of activity to suit your lifestyle.”

The expert also shared that you should make some start of season goals.

The personal trainer explained: “Now that we are finally in the New Year, check-in with yourself.

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“Have you set yourself goals at the start of the year yet? There’s never a better time to start than today.

“If you’re looking for a start of year mini-challenge to get you into the swing of things, set yourself shorter-term goals such as making sure you hit 20 minutes of exercise a day, can complete five push-ups by the new year or even hold a plank for one minute.”

Working out on your own can be boring which means it is easy to stay in your comfort zone.

Lianna recommends getting your friends and family involved.

She said: “Challenge your friends and family to keep active with you. If you’re spending time with your loved ones at home, get them involved by heading out on some longer walks, try a partner workout or set each other daily challenges.

“If you’re on your own, try and keep communication up virtually, there’s never been a better time to get your SHREDDY membership and join the community.”

Without buying gym equipment, the personal trainer explained how you can workout from home with just a few accessories.

Lianna explained: “Spice up your workouts and give your muscles an extra push without having to use gym machines.

“Long and short resistance bands are a great way to increase the intensity of your exercises as well as ensuring that you’re maintaining your muscle tone!”

Lastly, the personal trainer said: “Be kind to yourself. Finding your motivation drop sometimes is completely normal.

“For some, this is a time for reflection and recovery, so taking that into consideration is key. Shortening your workouts, enjoying a few more wholesome meals and resting a little longer after what seems like the longest year is sometimes exactly what your body needs.

“Get ready to pick the intensity in February.”

At home full body hit workout from Lianna:

She said: “This 15 minute workout is designed to get your heart rate raised as well as building overall total body strength. Grab a short resistance band and a pair of sliders (optional) and give these two circuits a go.”

Circuit 1 (Three rounds): Complete 25 seconds of each exercise back to back. Rest for 30 seconds in between each full round.
• High knees
• Plank walkouts
• Stationary lunges
• Squat to curtsey lunge
• Mountain climbers (sliders optional)

Circuit 2 (Two rounds): Complete 20 seconds of each exercise back to back. Rest for 30 seconds in between each full round.
• Banded crab walks
• Commandos
• Alternating step-ups

At home arms and abs workout from Lianna:

The expert said: “Challenge your arms and abs with our pyramid style circuit aimed at sculpting your upper body and building core strength.

“Workout – Complete this circuit three times through. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, with 30 seconds rest in between. After each full circuit, you have a one minute burst alternating between mountain climbers and plank jacks.”

• Tricep push ups
• Plank walk outs
• Side plank dips
• Crunches
• Tricep dips against chair
• Toe touches
• Plank reaches
Burst: Rounds one & three – one minute of mountain climbers (sliders optional)
Round two – one minute of plank jacks

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