Woman loses 11kg and drops a dress size by following healthy meal prep plan

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Weight loss can be achieved through a calorie deficit, meaning eating less food. However this can be hard for slimmers and for many, a lifestyle change is needed to encourage sustainable weight loss. Katherine Cooper-Young, 41, managed her symptoms of Crohn’s disease through her weight loss journey with behavioural change programme, Noom.

On her weight loss, the 41-year-old mum explained how her Crohn’s is now easier to treat and she’s able to manage flare-ups.

Katherine said: “I am a divorced, single mum with an eight-year-old son. Six years ago, in 2014, I was diagnosed with  Crohn’s disease when my son was two. 

“This ultimately transformed my life and motivated me to get  healthier and lose weight, as I needed to reduce my BMI to make the disease easier to treat. 

“My doctor advised that being 11 and a half stone at the time would make the journey with Crohn’s a lot  more difficult and so I needed to take action and make a change to be fitter and healthier.  

“Even before my diagnosis, I struggled with my weight. I was a healthy child and a trained ballet  dancer, but my mind has always had a negative perception of my body. 

“This led me to comfort eat in  my youth and I went on my first diet at age nine. For years I lacked confidence and avoided getting my picture taken as I hated my body and preferred to be behind the camera than in front of it.”

Katherine also explained that she had tried different diets and approaches to weight loss but they were only successful for a short period of time. 

She added: “I think this was because they never enabled me to understand the reasons behind my actions or why it was so important to make changes to my lifestyle.”

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The 41-year-old came across Noom on social media which she said has now changed her life, and helped her lose over a stone in weight.

Speaking about her new look, Katherine said: “I now look in the mirror and I appreciate and accept myself. I love parts of myself and my personality  that I didn’t even know about before. 

“Around the time I started Noom, I’d been made redundant and  my confidence was at an all-time low. Four months into the programme, in April, I walked into my first  job interview a different person. 

“I wore something I felt fantastic in, I looked and felt glorious, and in  the end, I excelled in the interview because my confidence shone through.”

Katherine also added that her weight loss has had a lasting impact and she has managed to keep the weight off.

She also now fits into her Grandma’s favourite dress that she was gifted when she was 23 but could never wear it before.

The slimmer said: “She wore it to a ball in the 1950s and I used to dress up in it as a child to pretend to be her. For years I’ve wanted to wear it again and re-live my childhood. Now that I can finally fit into it, I can’t wait for an opportunity to wear it!

“The success that I found with Noom was in large part due to the fact it was so different to other  programmes and was not a diet. Through the psychological articles, particularly the ones for  beginners, I was able to understand why I was doing what I was doing to be healthier, and why I  needed to make changes.

“It explained the ‘why’ behind the weight and the scientific and  psychological reasons reasoning behind healthy habits and routines to get me in the right mindset for  long-lasting change. The support of my coach and group were also really useful in motivating me to  carry on and reach my goals.”

Mindset is a huge part of a weight loss journey as it involves dedication and commitment to see any results. 

Katherine now exercises more and feels more motivated to try different types of exercises and she has also installed an exercise bike into her home.

She meal preps healthy food so that she can make healthier decisions and explained that the behavioural programme has been an effective way of keeping her Crohn’s flare ups.

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