Woman loses 4.5st and becomes Burlesque dancer with balanced diet – ‘So easy to stick to’

Michael Mosley discusses the improved quality of liquid diets

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Linda, 54, shared the moment she decided to start her weight loss journey: “I could not fit into my work clothes after lockdown and I refused to go up a size.”

Linda explained: “I started noticing the weight piling on during the first lockdown.

“I work in a doctor’s surgery and was shielding because of my MS (multiple sclerosis) and my husband was furloughed.

“Every time we had a cup of tea, we’d have a few biscuits so by the time I returned to work at the end of June 2020, I couldn’t fit into my clothes properly.

“My next thoughts were a diet plan, so I contacted my sponsor who was also a long time old friend.”

Linda managed to completely transform her appearance thanks to The 1:1 Diet by the Cambridge Weight Plan.

The dieter suffered from multiple sclerosis which meant that any kind of exercise was difficult for her, so she completely relied on the diet plan.

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan’s meal replacement programme (MRP) uses formula food soups, shakes, bars and other foods to replace conventional foods while giving a lower dietary energy intake than on a conventional reducing diet.

The meal plan is nutritionally balanced and provides all protein, essential fat, vitamins and minerals needed.

Linda said she “absolutely loved the plan and found it so easy to stick to”.

“Originally I wanted to get to the 10 stone mark, but I found the weight kept going down and I am now a healthy eight stone and nine pounds!”

After she reached her goal, Linda decided to pursue her passion, something she was never able to do due to confidence issues.

She explained: “My illness stops me going to the gym because of how it affects me, but when I found out my beauty therapist is a burlesque teacher, I decided to give it a go.

“I now go once a week and absolutely love it!

“We had a photoshoot the other week and I was in a corset, fishnet tights and heels – I’d never done anything like that before.

“Thanks to The 1:1 Diet I finally had the confidence to push myself out of my comfort zone.”

She continued: “I feel so much healthier, fitter and confident.

“My confidence encouraged me to start a Burlesque Chair Dance class and I love it so much.”

Linda admitted she wouldn’t have a problem “wearing a bikini now, when I get a chance”.

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