Woman loses 5st without ‘feeling hungry’ – her ‘budget-friendly’ diet

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After the birth of her daughter, Michelle, 33, was the heaviest she had ever been after gaining one and a half stone. She recalled: “My mental health was the lowest it had ever been, and I just knew it was time to do something to get ME back.”

The mother-of-three decided to change her life completely after the birth of her third daughter and joined her local Slimming World group.

On the first day at Slimming World, she felt extremely anxious, her baby was crying and Michelle had to stop the session to feed her.

However, she explained that her consultant, as well as the other group members, were so friendly: “I love listening to other members’ journeys and how even on bad days you get the best support to never give up.

“It’s just a real feel-good hour to take pride in ourselves for just how far we have come. I’m so pleased I didn’t turn and go home on that night as I lost 7lbs in my first week!”

Having been diagnosed with coeliac disease, Michelle had a gluten-free diet tailored to her needs and her lifestyle.

The dieter enjoyed tasty soups, omelettes, chicken, rice, and fish recipes as part of the “budget-friendly” meal plan.

She said: “You can make foods to fit all dietary requirements, all budgets and family-friendly – the options are limitless.”

After eight months of following the delicious meal plan, Michelle added more activity to her day and began running: “I’ve always loved running.

“I’m not fast by any means, but it just clears my head and I love how it makes me feel afterwards. I struggled in the past with shin splints, but given my weight loss, I wanted to give it another go and find it much more comfortable to run now,” she explained.

Michelle began by power walking one mile per day, three times per week, but when she felt ready she started jogging and ended up achieving a 2.5k run.

The slimmer now does 5k runs on a weekly basis. She has also found a love for yoga, which she does at home in the morning before the kids wake up.

Michelle managed to lose five and a half stone and now feels healthier than ever: “I’m a happier, healthier mummy to my three children and I have Slimming World to thank for it.

“I actually enjoy life! I spend time with my children doing fun activities. We go swimming, kayaking and take long walks with the dog.

“They all seem like such simple things, but I feel that before my weight loss, I was always in the background watching them have fun, whereas now I’m the first one up!”

Slimming World provides dieters with “a healthy no-hunger plan,” according to its website. “The first thing to know about Slimming World is that you’ll never feel hungry.”

The meal plans are designed to be “flexible, fuss-free and to work for all dietary requirements and preferences”.

Foods such as meat and poultry, eggs, pasta, rice, potatoes and dairy can still be consumed while on the diet, as long they’re cooked without fat or oil.

Slimming clubs often provide dieters with a consultant who guides them, gives them support and helps them achieve their weight loss goals.

Dieters also get hundreds of delicious recipes and affordable meal ideas as well as exercise and fitness routines to lose weight faster.

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