Woman loses six stone by eating her ‘favourite foods’ without ‘restrictions’

Abbey shared her inspiring weight loss journey with Express.co.uk and revealed that what motivated her to lose weight was seeing a “group photo” of herself with friends on social media.

She admitted that when she saw the picture online, she felt so ashamed that she untagged herself from the photo, and decided she needed a change.

At her heaviest, Abbey weighed 20 stone, and her “typical breakfast” would be “a fry up and some sort of breakfast roll”.

She continued: “My lunch was usually fast food, either McDonald’s, KFC or Taco Bell. As I previously worked in a call centre in the city centre, my colleagues and I would always buy food out rather than prepping food to take into work.”

Her usual dinner would consist of “freezer food like burger and chips or a takeaway on the majority of evenings”. Overall, “my meals prior to my weight loss were just a lot of unhealthy processed foods compared to me now prepping everything from scratch,” she explained.

Thankfully, Abbey discovered The Skinny Food Co and decided to give their replacement meals and snacks a go.

The Skinny Food Co allows dieters to have a personalised and flexible meal plan where “you can still eat the food you enjoy without restricting yourself”.

Abbey still enjoys her “favourite foods without feeling like I’m on a diet,” and was “amazed at the variety of delicious treats on offer”.

In the morning, she now uses sugar-free syrup to make iced coffee, and “my favourite breakfast to make on the weekends are healthy pancakes using the Lower Sugar Pancake Mix drizzled with the Chocolate Orange Low Sugar Spread and topped with fruit”.

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For lunch, she now has “chicken wraps, burritos, rice bowls or a nice salad which I always add the Sugar Free Tikka Mayo to as a sauce that pairs perfectly with these meals, adding lots of flavour”.

For dinner “my go-to is either a stir-fry or spaghetti bolognese, and the Skinny Food Co’s Lower Carb Konjac Spaghetti Pasta is perfect for these dishes – the pasta is only 58 calories per serving”.

Abbey had tried many diets in the past but she wasn’t in the “right mindset” and none of them worked for her. “I would always look for quick-fix diets, hoping to drop the weight quickly and then when I wouldn’t see results, I would give up”.

She explained: “I always thought eating healthy meant eating boring, plain foods. But it’s the complete opposite with The Skinny Food Co, it’s such a win-win situation, eating foods that you love without any sacrifices.”

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Abbey admitted that before losing the weight she was “so unhappy,” and “I would always try my best to hide it”. The dieter explained: “I would try and cover up my body shape by dressing in dark clothing. I’ve always been known as the funny and loud person in my friendship group, so I feel like I would try and hide the fact I was unhappy behind my personality so that nobody would notice how unhappy I was at the time.

“My friends always point out to me how much my confidence has grown over the last two years, which is a big motivator for me that people are not only noticing and complimenting my appearance, but also the change in my happiness and self-esteem, which is so important.”

For her, the biggest achievement was when her sister got married abroad and she lost a significant amount of weight before the big day.

“I hit my six-stone weight loss just before and I felt so confident on the day. Since then, I have lost more weight and still aim to lose a bit more and I know I will get there eventually. I’m able to do a lot more things physically that I couldn’t do before which motivates me to carry on,” Abbey said.

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