Woman lost 4st without ‘having to lift a finger’ after starting diet on New Year’s Day

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Carole, 62, lost four stone with an easy meal plan. She started her weight loss journey on January 1 after Christmas made her realise it was “now or never”.

Carol had been thinking about losing weight for a while as her feet and knees were hurting, she was often out of breath and couldn’t do the things she loved like playing with her grandchildren.

She explained: “I felt really unhappy with myself and how I looked in photos and clothing.

“At work, I began to notice that my knees and back were hurting more and more.

“I felt like I really needed a change before it got any worse.”

She even tried other slimming programmes but they just didn’t feel right as she loved food and didn’t like the idea of cutting down on anything.

So how did she do it?

“After doing some research, I found Jane Plan came up quite a lot and it seemed like something that would fit easily into my lifestyle.

“It controlled the amount of calories I was consuming, without me having to lift a finger.

“It was like having my own personal chef,” she said.

“At the same time, it taught me what sort of foods I should be avoiding more regularly and it also gave me lots of ideas for making my own meals and managing portion control when cooking for myself.

“I also took up walking much more regularly and got thousands more steps in each week.

“I began my weight loss journey just after the new year at 11 stone 11 pounds and by July this year I was down to eight stone five pounds.”

Carol has now the energy to play with her six grandchildren and admitted her life has changed completely.

After deciding to start her weight loss journey in the new year, she gained confidence turning her 2021 into a really good one.

Carol explained: “Now I feel so much more confident, particularly in swimwear when I’m on holiday.

“I’m back to wearing my favourite dresses and I get many compliments from all my friends and family about how nice I look in them.

“I can walk further and for longer and am back to running around after my grandchildren again!”

In fact, Carol wore a bikini during her holiday in Tenerife and looked better than ever.

Carol is now certain she can treat herself this Christmas while keeping a balanced way of eating.

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