5 Creative Ways to Use Pork Clouds

Airy pork clouds flavored with rosemary and sea salt are one of the addictive snacks in F&W’s collection for Mouth.com. “These game-changing airy pork puffs taste like they came from an herb farm on the Mediterranean,” says F&W executive food editor Tina Ujlaki. From gratins to salads, here are five ways to make the most of these tasty pork rinds.

1. Crumble on top of a potato gratin.

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2. Fold into an egg white scramble at the last minute.

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3. Tuck into an avocado sandwich for a tasty and surprising crunch.

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4. Crumble into salads.

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5. Use as carb-free scoops for guacamole and salsa on game day.

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