This Best-Selling Retro Bundt Pan Has Raked In the Most Amazon Reviews On the Market

Bundt Pan Nordic Ware

There are not many instances in which a pound cake would not be appreciated. We can make a case for marbled pecan pound cake at breakfast, as well as triple chocolate pound cake to top off any family gathering. We can always do with a slice of lemon pound cake to go with an afternoon glass of iced tea on the porch, and any holiday feels extra festive with a caramel-frosted pound cake heading up the table. Pound cake is like the Southern version of an English biscuit: appropriate every day, at all times of the day, and without any need to explain oneself. 

Any baker knows that to turn out pound cake after pound cake with as much ease as Sara Lee, you need a good Bundt pan. As it happens, the number one rated Bundt pan on Amazon is one that you’ll surely recognize. This most popular pan from Nordic Ware isn’t the typical shape you’d expect, but a decidedly more retro shape that stands out boldly from the crowd and is worthy of any special occasion. (Any day with pound cake is a special occasion.) The best-selling Nordic Ware Heritage Bundt Pan is here to turn any recipe into a showstopping centerpiece. 

Bundt Pan

Made with sweeping curves that ensure each bite is thoroughly baked and the crust golden brown, the Heritage pan shape is inspired by vintage ring pan molds and looks something akin to a giant cruller doughnut. In our opinion, the shape can make any simple recipe look a touch more elegant (like our Coconut Pound Cake seen above) but particularly lends itself to those that require a drizzle of sugary glaze, like our Key Lime Pound Cake. It gives the glaze nice little pockets to sit and cool in lieu of sliding off and down onto the parchment paper. 

Whether you’re looking to add to your trusty Bundt pan collection or starting your first one altogether, make sure to give the most highly rated Nordic Ware one on Amazon your consideration. All the more reason to make more pound. (BUY IT: $32;

The real question is, which recipe are you going to bake first? We’re all in on triple chocolate. 

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