Flaming Popcorn, Candy-Coated Ice Cream and Killer Drinks to Enhance Your Oscar Night

Let FWx be your Oscar viewing-party guide. First, brush up on the evening’s key players. Knowing just these five names will go a long way toward convincing your friends that you’re a sophisticated film buff. Then, consider your snacks. Oscar night decorum dictates that they be hacked: Roll your ice cream pops in crushed candy and encase your hot dogs in puff pastry. Popcorn and gummies are best served seared, of course. What to drink? Here are seven wine, beer and booze options that are ideal with pizza, candy and Doritos. And if your evening involves non-alcoholic intoxicants, you might need this flowchart. If you’ve followed our advice, Monday morning may be uncomfortable. But we can help with that as well.

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