Our Favorite Prep Tip for Thanksgiving Should Be Done Two Weeks Before the Holiday

Inside Refrigerator with Produce and Cheese

Thanksgiving on your mind? Sure, you could spend from now until the end of time selecting what side dishes you're going to serve and settling on a tablescape design, but one of the best and simplest preparations you can make is often overlooked: Cleaning your fridge.

As Taste of Home shared, it's a good idea to clean out your fridge around two weeks before the holiday. Doing this in advance is key: "On Thanksgiving day it’s no question you’re going to need all the fridge room you can get, but don’t forget about the extra space you need before the big day arrives," writes Erica Young. "You’ll need a place for all those ingredients and for the dishes that you make ahead of time. So empty the fridge, throw away old items, and give it a good scrub down at least a couple weeks before Thanksgiving."

In addition to cleaning any muck and grime in the fridge, this pre-Thanksgiving sweep is also a great opportunity to check expiration labels on items in your fridge or freezer, and toss anything that has expired or smells funky (or is unlabeled and definitely way past its prime).

Now that we've thought about it, we're guessing it will likely be a good idea to repeat this strategy two weeks before the December holiday season and before hosting any parties at home.

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So tell us, dear readers: What's your favorite tip when prepping for Thanksgiving? Is there something you always do that makes the day run so much more smoothly?

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