This Conveniently-Sized Vacuum Sealer Has Cut My Food Waste In Half

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I’m not usually big on electronic kitchen tools. I find that they’re usually too clunky and inconvenient, and just don’t carry their weight when put to the test against classic kitchen items like a simple whisk or wooden spoon. But every now and then, an item proves itself worthy. That’s what happened with this super-simple vacuum seal set.

Before this kit came into my life, I had mostly heard of vacuum sealing being used in restaurant kitchens to store proteins and to use in cheffy techniques like sous-vide. What I didn’t realize is that it can be used by home cooks to organize, streamline and prevent food waste—all of which are things I’m interested in.

The kit comes out of the box with two glass containers, four reusable bags, and the vacuum pump, plus a charging cable. The glass containers look like regular reusable containers, but they have a pop top that gets sucked down when you use the pump.

Zwilling Vacuum Sealer

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If you’ve ever used a vacuum sealed storage bag for bulky sweaters or bedding, you know exactly how vacuum sealing works. The only difference with this kitchen set is that you use a small, rechargeable pump to pull the air out of bags and containers to extend the life of food, instead of your full-sized vacuum. 

I found that the containers were great for short-term storages of delicate produce like avocados or berries, helping them stay fresh for significantly longer after I bought them. It’s also great for storing leafy greens like arugula or spinach that have a tendency to get smushed in the back of my fridge. Because the container is vacuum sealed, it reduces oxygen flow, preventing mold and the breakdown of food.

I’ve been using the bags in my freezer, which has helped me keep everything super organized and easy to see. Food also lasts longer in the freezer, being that there’s no opportunity for moisture to evaporate and cause freezer burn. Win!

Since the bags are reusable, they’re easy to put in the dishwasher and then place back in a drawer, but I have already ordered more to round out my set. The air pump is also conveniently sized, perfect to put in a small drawer or cabinet, easily within reach to use often. Many vacuum sealers are much larger, which makes them less convenient—and makes you less likely to reach for them on a daily basis. But with it’s portable size and easy-to-use flow (it automatically shuts off when it has pulled all the air from a bag or container) this has quickly become one of my most-used kitchen tools.

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