This Solar Powered Stove Is Perfect for Camping and the Beach—and Can Cook Chicken, Biscuits, and More

In a world altered by the covid-19 outbreak, vacations have shifted to remote, outdoor activities. If you haven’t planned or considered a camping trip of your own, you probably know someone who has. Luckily, campsite cooking has come a long way since your childhood trips. Case in point? The GOSUN Portable Solar Oven.

Watch our fearless food product researcher, Nicole McLaughlin, put the GOSUN Portable Solar Oven through its paces in the video above.

Portable without being flimsy, the GOSUN Portable Solar Oven reaches temperatures up to 550°F in full sunlight. All you have to do is load your food into the cooking chamber and set the camber on the reflector to cook. The cooking process itself is very “set it and forget it,” so it’s just like a slow cooker—except way faster, and cooks meals in as little as 20 minutes. There’s no babysitting the food, and the last thing you have to worry about is accidentally starting a forest fire. There’s also a coffee maker, so that’s one less appliance to lug along.

GOSUN Portable Solar Cooker: Product

Buy it: $360,

Our resident mom Nicole McLaughlin gave the GOSUN a try (You can see how she fared in the video above) and found it super simple. As long as there’s enough sunlight to cast a shadow, it’ll work. The GOSUN made enough food for 6-8 people and the food was juicy and hot. Nicole agrees that it’s perfect for camping, but would also work well at the beach. Hey, all that sunshine and water does a number on your appetite.

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