13 Easy, Foolproof Seafood Recipes Absolutely Anyone Can Make

Seafood is such a wonderful dinner option that deserves more attention. Fish and shellfish, such as shrimp, can be relatively inexpensive (especially if you buy it frozen) and cook quickly. If you’re new to cooking fish at home, these easy recipes are the best place to start. Each one will walk you through what seafood to buy, how to prepare it, and how to cook it — guaranteeing delicious results every time.


Shrimp is, hands-down, the best starter seafood to cook. It’s cheap, you can buy it frozen and keep it in the freezer for quick meals, and it thaws fast. Plus, you can cook shrimp easily on the stovetop, in the oven, or on the grill. Make sure your shrimp is completely thawed before you start cooking and do your best to cook shrimp until it’s just opaque to avoid overcooking (which will make the shrimp tough).

  • How To Quickly Cook Shrimp on the Stovetop
  • How To Roast Shrimp in the Oven
  • How To Make a Perfect Shrimp Cocktail with Classic Cocktail Sauce
  • How To Peel & Devein Shrimp


Start learning how to cook salmon with frozen fillets — they are less expensive and more consistent in shape and size — before you upgrade to premium wild-caught and whole salmon sides. Like shrimp, the secret to the best salmon is to avoid overcooking it. You can use a digital probe thermometer to test for doneness no matter how you cook it.

  • How To Cook Perfect Salmon Fillets
  • How To Cook Salmon in the Slow Cooker
  • Foolproof Salmon Baked with Olive Oil & Herbs
  • Slow-Roasted Miso Salmon
  • Sheet Pan Crispy Salmon and Potatoes

Tuna, Cod, and Tilapia

If you find a great price on tuna or cod, don’t skip it! These recipes are easy enough for beginner cooks, and most include sides or grains to make them a complete meal.

  • “Low-Rent” Tuna Poke Bowl
  • Easy Baked Tilapia with Cumin and Lime
  • Skillet Braised Cod with Asparagus and Potatoes
  • Crispy Paprika-Parmesan Fish Fillets with Sautéed Chard
  • Skillet Cod with Lemon and Capers

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